As for postpartum weight loss, it is very easy to fall into repeated difficulties. It’s not easy to have some weight-loss achievements, but it will be attacked by 10000 points of gaining weight. If you want to maintain the weight-loss effect for a long time, it seems that your efforts for a while are not enough. Because weight loss is always a long-term work, especially after the birth of children, the age is not small, the constitution has also changed. Compared with how to eat when you are young, you have entered an age when you need to control your weight. It will be your task for a long time.

So, some mothers complain that life is like this in weight loss, what’s the fun? In fact, the so-called weight maintenance is not to blindly crazy fitness and diet, but to maintain a good figure by maintaining the habit of writing healthy. Most importantly, these actions are not just for you to keep fit, but also for your health. So the good habit of not getting fat after childbirth may not be to suppress our fun, but to make mothers live healthier and happier.

1. Eat slowly

The most important thing for continuous weight loss is not diet, but not overeating. Don’t eat too much. The best way is to eat slowly. Experiments in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that when people chewed twice as long, they ate 15% less. Eating slowly can help people improve their eating habits.


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