After many postpartum mothers recover their physical strength, the first thing they do is to lose weight, but they accidentally fall into the trap of postpartum weight loss, and the more they want to lose weight, the more fat they want to lose. Indeed, don’t think that when the weather turns cold and you wear too many clothes, you don’t think your figure is out of shape. Oh, don’t want to become a big bag in winter, just climb out of the weight loss trap! Dear mummy, are you ready?

First of all, let’s have a look, what are the weight loss traps? In summary, postpartum weight loss generally has three traps.

Trap 1: not enough time to prepare a healthy meal

No matter what dietary habits you have when you’re pregnant, they change after childbirth. Many mothers don’t have enough time and energy to prepare a healthy meal for themselves, so they will eat whatever they see. And usually convenient food is unhealthy and fattening.

So if you have the habit of eating fast food and snacks, you need to change your eating habits. One way is to take some healthy food, such as yogurt and wheat bread, when you go out. This can effectively prevent your desire to enter the fast food restaurant. Another way is to prepare enough portions of healthy food in advance, such as salads, which can be kept in the refrigerator at any time.

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Page 1: weight loss traps

Page 2: lack of sleep

Page 3: how to restore a good body after childbirth


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