After giving birth to children and upgrading to be parents, I suddenly look back and find that my waist and legs are round, my heart is wide and my body is fat. Dad is bigger than the belly, and mommy has a thick waist, isn’t it? Don’t you want to lose weight anymore? Don’t say reasons, don’t make excuses. A symmetrical figure is not only still beautiful, but also of far-reaching and great significance.

Don’t think that if you are a parent, your image will no longer be important. You can let your belly get bigger and bigger and wear clothes from s to L or even XL,

Don’t indulge yourself. When your parents are mama and dadbi, you need to keep a symmetrical figure, healthy physique and accompany me in the best state – your baby grows up together.

1、 After a woman becomes a mother, the reason to be thin

Reason 1: all kinds of fashion, wear it if you want

People want clothes and flowers. Women love beauty. When they become Mommy, they hope they can be a hot mother. Spicy mom wants to be thin, but the designer seems to have a grudge against fat women. The beautiful clothes designed are either thin waist or narrow trouser legs. It’s easy to fall in love with a set. It can barely be put on the body. Looking around at the people in the mirror, they stand fairly, dare not squat, dare not sit. When they lift their wrists, they show all the fat on their waist, which is frustrating.

I still remember the time when you were in white clothes. How many looking back eyes you could attract at that time. Don’t be discouraged. As long as you lose your waist “swimming circle” and become a small “waist” essence, you can rightfully wear all kinds of popular clothes, so as to make the exquisite, slim and charming small waist attract more people’s attention.

Reason 2: don’t let yourself enter middle age too early

People often say: look at who, who came back after giving birth to a baby only three months, and his figure is still so good! You only see that female stars still have a good figure after giving birth to a baby. You know, behind them, they pay a lot for a slim figure.

If someone describes you: you are really rich. You are really good at breeding. You will be lucky at first sight. So be careful, their subtext is: you’re fat!

“Rich” is definitely not used to describe beauty. If you don’t want to be called “aunt” by the little girls, move quickly. Don’t fill your wardrobe with extra fat clothes.

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