If you want to lose weight, then you have to face up to the bottleneck period of weight loss, which is a major test for your body and will, especially postpartum weight loss. Women will have a strong desire to lose weight in the face of huge changes in their body shape after childbirth, but their physical strength is not as good as in the past. They often get half the result with half the effort. The emergence of bottleneck period makes most mummies stop. Here is a brief introduction to the bottleneck period of weight loss:

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How long is your weight loss bottleneck?

What is the bottleneck period? If you are still keeping the original weight loss plan, the amount of food and exercise will remain unchanged; Or in the established weight loss plan to reduce the amount of food per meal, in an attempt to lose weight, but the pounds are still stagnant, in vain, the above symptoms represent that we have entered the bottleneck period of weight loss.

The bottleneck period is actually the normal physiological protection function of the human body, because during the weight loss period, we will eat less than before. The body will absorb the food as much as possible and give full play to its maximum effect. At the same time, it will slow down the metabolism, so as to reduce energy consumption until the body adjusts to a new balance, At this stage, there will be no change in weight. During this period, willpower will be tested. If you can persist, you can break through the “bottleneck period”, and your weight will drop suddenly. Otherwise, you will only stagnate and get back to your old weight.

The length of the bottleneck period will be different based on everyone’s physique. Generally, the bottleneck period is about 2 weeks to 2 months, after which the weight will naturally drop; At the same time, the body may have multiple bottlenecks. Many people will also ask, when will the bottleneck period of weight loss be reached?   It has a lot to do with one’s constitution. People who are not too fat may reach the bottleneck after losing 3 to 4 kilograms; Slightly obese people may lose a certain amount of weight before they appear, and the duration will be longer.


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