Night snacks are always considered the root of all evil that hinders successful weight loss. Every night, the restless stomach, the jumping taste buds fight against their own determination. Mutton kebabs, hamburgers, soup dumplings, Spicy Hot Pot, these grinding goblins, over and over in my mind. But my only remaining reason is also telling me, no! Yes! Eat!

Actually, new mothers don’t need to endure it. Some healthy foods are suitable for making night snacks, such as:

Low fat yogurt

It is recommended to choose plain, low-fat plain yogurt, which contains protein and fat, which can quickly solve the hunger of new mothers in the middle of the night and stabilize blood sugar. If you want to become beautiful, you can also eat it with fruits. The next day, the stool will also become unobstructed.

Boiled eggs in water

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, and minerals, providing a solution for all nutritional needs. And the egg recipe is very convenient, it’s delicious to cook it casually, and it’s also difficult to miss out on it. At the same time, one egg can give the new mother a full feeling of fullness, especially suitable for new mothers who feel that they cannot eat carbohydrates or meat during the midnight snack, because the best substitute is eggs, reducing guilt.

Avocado fruit

Eating avocado at night not only won’t increase weight, but can actually reduce fat. Avocado is rich in vitamins and minerals, and the fats it contains are all unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively reduce cholesterol and blood lipids. If you are extremely hungry at night, you can pair it with eggs and make a baked avocado egg, which is convenient, fast, and delicious.

Chicken breast meat

Chicken breast is a food with extremely low fat content, and is a favorite among many celebrities and fitness enthusiasts. And another tempting feature of chicken breast meat is that its carbohydrate content is basically zero. At the same time, its protein rich taste will make the new mother feel full. If you want to flavor it, you can double fry it in olive oil and add a few drops of lemon juice.

Mashed potatoes

Many slimmer people resist potatoes, feeling that they are full of starch, but everyone is wrong about them. It can be considered a natural slimming product, free of fat and cholesterol, low in calories, rich in dietary fiber, and can have a strong sense of fullness after eating a little.

So why do everyone push it away when they lose weight?

Moreover, mashed potatoes are not only delicious to eat alone, but also versatile when paired with other foods. The taste of mashed potatoes varies with different foods, so new mothers can give it a try.


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