It is often said that no pains, no gains, but this may not be overstated in sports. Sometimes, if you choose the wrong way to exercise, you may not get a gain from a million points of hard work, which is annoying and tiring. Therefore, if the new mother doesn’t want to waste her efforts, she should choose the best way to burn fat.


A flat belly is the dream that new mothers think about day and night, and sit-ups are just a good helper for thin belly.

Lie on the ground or on the gymnastic mat, bend your knees slightly apart, make your big and small legs at right angles, cross your hands behind your head, and hold the subject’s feet with another person. It is required that both elbows touch both knees when sitting up, and the shoulder blades must touch the pad when lying on the back.

New mothers should pay attention to that the crunches are in the abdomen. Many times, new mothers put their strength on their back and shoulders, so that not only the abdomen is not exercised, but also the neck will become thicker. The best way to do sit-ups is to keep the upper body at a 45 degree angle with the ground for 5 seconds, and the effect is excellent.


If you want to raise your hips, you have to squat. squatting can exercise your back muscles, biceps and buttocks muscles.

The correct way to do this is to stand with your legs separated by the width of your shoulders, then slowly squat down and bend your hips. Keep your pelvis slightly forward and contract your abdomen.

If the new mother is more familiar with the exercise and feels that the challenge is too low, she can try to increase the weight. But pay attention to the weight of the loaded object and the speed of squatting. Keep a reasonable movement rhythm: When squatting, do not lower the speed too fast or too low, or it will easily damage the knee and ankle joints. If the weight of the loaded object is large and there is a certain speed, it will cause it to fail to lift or slip.


Walking is the simplest and most effective exercise method. It does not require a venue, unlimited time, and there are no rules and regulations for entry.

Walking is a sport especially suitable for new mothers. It has moderate intensity and good fat burning power. Walking can burn about 500 calories per hour. By the same conversion, you can lose about 1 kg of weight by walking for 7 hours. Of course, this is the result of the most ideal state.

But the new mother should pay attention to that walking also needs to be planned and gradual. It is better to take a walk for about 5-10 minutes at the beginning, and then slowly increase the time to 30-60 minutes. Increase the time as you like, and then maintain it after reaching a stable frequency.


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