When a pregnant mother welcomes her baby with a happy heart, she is promoted to a formal novice mother. Novice mothers not only have anxiety about caring, caring, and caring for their babies, but also have a big worry about when they can recover their body shape after childbirth.

Multiple studies on weight loss have confirmed a sad conclusion: if a mother fails to effectively lose weight within one year after giving birth, especially to reduce fat retention in the waist and abdomen, then she will basically need to maintain this chubby figure in the future.

So, how can novice mothers recover their good figure before giving birth as soon as possible after childbirth?

1. You cannot gain too much weight during pregnancy, especially in the early stages.

If you quickly gain weight in the early stages of pregnancy, to a large extent, the weight you gain has grown onto yourself, and most of this weight is annoying fat.

Only in the middle or late stages of pregnancy, if the prenatal examination reveals that the size of the fetus does not meet the standard, will the doctor suggest that you eat more extra. At this point, listen to the doctor’s advice and make up for it.

At other times, please eat according to your usual appetite and appetite. If you are really worried about insufficient nutrition, you can supplement a glass of pregnant women’s milk powder every morning and evening.

2. After four weeks postpartum, you should try to recover a certain amount of exercise as much as possible.

This type of exercise is not about going to the gym or running for hours. The expert’s suggestion is to start early – walking. For postpartum mothers, starting to walk early instead of lying in bed during the postpartum period can help their physical functions recover as soon as possible.

Diet combined with exercise is the iron law of weight loss. Mothers should not think that if they want to breastfeed their baby or recover after childbirth, you need to make a big supplement. Based on your appetite, eat 80% full and don’t overeat.

Due to the fact that the waist and abdomen are the key and difficult points for postpartum mothers to lose weight, you can choose to use abdominal bands to assist in the recovery of the waist and abdomen after childbirth.

3. You should persist in breastfeeding.

Why does breastfeeding reduce weight? Because the mother’s body secretes extra calories to produce milk. This means that mothers have added a calorie consuming activity to their normal diet, and breastfeeding is recommended until at least 6 months, which is also an important period for postpartum mothers to lose weight.

The key to successful breastfeeding is to start breastfeeding as soon as possible. If the baby is unable to suck, you can try a breast pump to help.

When breastfeeding is on the right track, the secretion of breast milk may increase. If the baby cannot finish eating it all at once, it is necessary to suck out excess milk to ensure normal lactation, and store the sucked milk for future consumption.

Wishing all novice mothers a healthy recovery and becoming beautiful girls with babies together!


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