For the first time pregnant mother to be, a little abnormal in the early pregnancy will cause panic, especially abdominal pain. It not only makes the mother to be feel unwell, but also affects her mood, which is harmful to the healthy development of the fetus.

After all, how does early pregnancy abdominal pain return a responsibility? Will it affect the fetus?

In fact, the situation of early pregnancy abdominal pain is more common, this is due to uterine enlargement, stimulate bone, pregnant women will feel a kind of hidden abdominal traction pain. Many expectant mothers will have symptoms of stomachache, some are normal physiological reactions, and some are abnormal reactions, which need attention. So, how to distinguish?

Normal response to abdominal pain in early pregnancy

With the development of the uterus, the tension of the mother’s skin will increase every day. Uterine enlargement constantly stimulates the lower edge of the ribs, where there will be pain, even dull pain, which may lead to limited activity.

However, these are normal reactions after pregnancy, generally do not need special treatment. If there is rib blunt pain, abdominal pain, you can slowly raise the arm, do a small range of stretching exercise to ease, but also through the lateral position sleep to alleviate the pain.

Everyone will have different symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy, some are sleepy, some are pregnant, some are weak, some are stomachache These symptoms usually appear after 6 weeks of menopause and continue to 3 months of pregnancy. Everyone’s situation is different, and it will last for a long time.

Abnormal reaction of abdominal pain in early pregnancy

Although, some expectant mothers will have stomachache after pregnancy, but it does not mean that pregnant women will definitely have stomachache!

If the pain is obvious and lasting for a long time, and accompanied by bleeding symptoms, it is generally related to the quality of fertilized eggs, endometrial condition, ectopic pregnancy, and adnexal diseases.

If the abdominal pain in early pregnancy is more unbearable, the pregnant mother should go to the blood HCG test to exclude threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy, or further comprehensive physical examination to exclude other uterine adnexal diseases. The history of ectopic pregnancy and abortion should be paid more attention to.

| right side stomachache in early pregnancy

Mild pain on the right side during early pregnancy is normal, which is caused by the growth of the uterus and stimulation of bones. However, the pain is tolerable and generally lasts for more than ten or twenty minutes. If the pain lasts for many days, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

In addition, some expectant mothers with early pregnancy abdominal pain will be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other early pregnancy reactions, which is due to the early pregnancy gastric acid secretion caused by excessive, generally pay attention to diet. Still have, acute gastritis, enteritis also can cause stomachache. Pregnant mothers should consider whether they are wrong or not, and distinguish them.

| left side stomachache in early pregnancy

This kind of pain is mostly located on one side or both sides of the uterus in the lower abdomen. It shows involved pain, dull pain or dull pain. The pain will become more obvious when you take a longer road or change your position. If it is in the left groin, then it is likely that the pregnant egg is implantation.

The same thing to note is that if the pain is obvious, you should see a doctor in time.


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