After pregnancy, careful pregnant mother should find that, in addition to the stomach is changing, the limbs are getting fatter and fatter, the breast is also quietly undergoing earth shaking changes.

The most direct feeling is that the chest will become more and more swollen! With the increase of gestational age, the bra which is suitable and close to the body becomes more and more tight!

Yes, there will be different changes in the breast during pregnancy starting from the implantation of the fertilized egg, but the changes will vary from person to person. Let’s have a look at the specific changes.

1. Breast pain

Early pregnancy breast pain, will let you have the illusion of menstruation.

In fact, early pregnancy, about 10 days after fertilization, human chorionic gonadotropin increases, which will promote the increase of estrogen and progesterone, and also affect the breast in the breast.

That is, when you are not aware of pregnancy, the breast already knows!

2. Breast enlargement

With the increase of estrogen secretion, the chest changes of pregnant women are more and more obvious.

Under the action of a large amount of pregnant estrogen, the adipose tissue, mammary gland tissue and mammary duct in the breast will proliferate, making the breast significantly larger and accompanied by swelling pain. Usually in the early pregnancy, the breast will increase a cup, and continue to increase a cup in the middle and late pregnancy.

At this time, it may be the time for you to say goodbye to the airport and go to the peak of your life! But don’t try to be bigger!

3. Ugly breasts

After pregnancy, within a few months, the pregnant mother’s breasts will become ugly.

There will be obvious thickening of blood vessels on the breast, as well as stretch marks caused by skin tension and expansion, and the color of the nipple will also change.

The nipples will become sensitive, enlarged and blackened, and the areola area will become larger and blackened. The sebaceous glands at the areola are hypertrophic and protruding, with some round nodular protrusions. They also secrete some oil to prevent the nipple from drying. In addition, when the nipple is stimulated, it is easy to erect, and some small nodules will appear.

The changes of breast skin during pregnancy usually recover gradually after delivery or lactation. Don’t worry about the change of nipple. It’s preparing for postpartum lactation.

4. Breast sensitivity

After many people are pregnant, the breast also can become very sensitive, dare not touch even, touch painful. There are also some pregnant mothers with itchy breasts, itching so hard that they can’t help scratching.

It’s no joke! When the breast grows bigger, it does swell and ache, and it will bring itching, and it may also scratch more and more. There is no good solution, you can take a hot bath to relieve the breast sensitivity and tenderness. Itch to suffer, you might as well find a dermatologist.

5. Slight milk leakage

A few pregnant mothers did not breast-feeding rose uncomfortable, but also quietly dripping milk?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. It usually happens a few days or weeks before the due date. This is because the pregnant mother’s body has finished the preparation work for breast-feeding.

This is colostrum, usually yellowish, and relatively viscous, the number can be more or less, belongs to the normal situation, do not worry. Pay attention to wash clean can, do not squeeze, do not often touch the nipple, so as not to cause unnecessary uterine contraction.

The quiet change of breast during pregnancy is actually making efforts and preparation for postpartum lactation! Therefore, pregnant mothers should take good care of their hard-working breasts during pregnancy, and timely replace the appropriate underwear during pregnancy to provide a more comfortable environment for their breasts.


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