It is said that maternal love is great, which has been reflected incisively and vividly since the baby is still in the mother’s stomach. For the sake of baby’s health, the pregnant mother “would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go”. All taboos during pregnancy should be fully accepted and followed. Pregnant mother is so careful not to say whether it is really useful, but happiness is strangled.

The taboo of pregnancy accepted by the pregnant mother will hide some misunderstandings and give the pregnant mother a lot of wrong guidance. The pregnancy period of ten months is already tough, and it’s better not to do that. How depressing it should be. Here are some mistakes in pregnancy to see if you stepped on thunder.

▍ the more severe the pregnancy and vomiting, the smarter the baby?

Maybe you often hear people say that “the more severe the pregnancy vomiting is, the more intelligent the baby is”. In fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove that whether the baby is smart is related to the pregnancy vomiting. However, pregnant mothers can comfort themselves with “the more severe the pregnancy is, the healthier the baby is”. In this way, you will feel better when you are pregnant. After all, statistics confirm that the more sick your mother is, the more likely she is to have a healthy baby.

Nitrogen, too much pregnant vomiting is not a good thing, less than 1% of pregnant mothers will continue to vomit violently, which is called hyperemesis gravidarum. If the pregnant mother has hyperemesis during pregnancy, the body can not timely compensate for the nutrition taken away by continuous vomiting, or even dehydration symptoms, if not treated in time, it may damage the baby’s health.

▍ can’t do exercise when pregnant?

When a woman is pregnant, especially in the first three months, she will be regarded as a treasure by her family. Don’t say sports, do some housework for fear that it will make the baby uncomfortable. Don’t say that some pregnant mothers rarely go out in 10 months of pregnancy, and even often lie in bed to raise a baby, and be careful with everything. I want to say that women are pregnant, not sick, and proper exercise is still necessary.

During pregnancy, you can take a walk and do pregnant yoga, but you can’t do strenuous exercise. If you have symptoms such as threatened abortion, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions to stay in bed; if you are in good health, you’d better ensure more than 30 minutes of exercise every day.

▍ can’t love when pregnant?

Some pregnant mothers worry that love during pregnancy will lead to threatened abortion or uterine contractions, so they are completely abstinent during pregnancy, so that the husband can bear the inner agitation.

Pregnancy does not have to be completely abstinent, as long as the physical condition is good, the second half of pregnancy can be a proper sexual life. However, with the changes of the pregnant mother’s body, the position of love also needs to be adjusted. Maybe you need to try a new position to adapt to the changes of the pregnant mother’s body, and this new attempt may bring another experience.

For most couples, love in the second trimester is relatively safe, without too much psychological burden. But if the psychological burden is too heavy, always worry that love will be bad for the baby’s health, and the psychological burden will hurt the baby even more than the sexual behavior itself.

▍ don’t travel when you’re pregnant?

Some people say that traveling and tiring is not suitable for pregnant mothers. In fact, travel can relax the pregnant mother’s body and mind, which is a good way to release the pressure. However, it’s better to choose a relatively stable mid pregnancy travel. At this time, there is neither early pregnancy vomiting nor late pregnancy tiredness with a large stomach. You will feel more relaxed during the journey, and you’d better choose a short journey.

Don’t think about banning feet during pregnancy. You can have a good skin after the baby is born. You should know that in the first few years of your baby’s birth, you should take care of his eating, drinking and Lhasa. You can’t let him out of your sight all the time. Traveling is equal to high-intensity weight-bearing exercise. It’s not carrying baby, it’s carrying diapers, milk powder, water and food. It’s inconvenient to travel during pregnancy, but it’s really n times easier than that after giving birth to a baby. If you want to travel, you have to take the opportunity.


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