The problem of ectopic pregnancy needs the attention of women. Whether it’s old or young, it can happen. How to rule out whether they are ectopic pregnancy?

First of all, we must pay attention to our menstrual cycle, when the menstrual cycle is very regular, more than seven days did not come, we must see a doctor. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor will do the corresponding examination. Everyone knows that urine test or blood test can see whether hCG is elevated, but elevation can not rule out whether you are in uterus or out of uterus, and then do a B-mode ultrasound to determine whether the embryo is growing in or out of uterus. If it’s in the uterus, it’s our normal pregnancy. If long outside the uterus are called ectopic pregnancy, including fallopian tube, ovary, abdominal pregnancy, and more and more scar pregnancy, these are ectopic pregnancy.

When ectopic pregnancy occurs, the embryo can not normally grow to full-term as normal pregnancy, and rupture will occur within a certain period of time. The rupture and bleeding of ectopic pregnancy may not be visible, so when shock occurs or blood loss is very serious, it will reach an irreversible stage.


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