When it comes to heredity, the first reaction is height, weight, appearance and so on. But babies get more than that from their mothers. There are also some “heredity”, although it is not a biological heredity, but it is true that Taibao “learned” from her pregnant mother.

For example, a pregnant mother’s personality and habits are all aspects of a baby’s “learning.”. If the pregnant mother does not change her bad habits, the baby will behave obviously after birth.

Come and have a look, do you have these bad habits during pregnancy? If the baby is pregnant, it will change.

1. Stay up late

Lucy mother: the baby is half year old, and every day is like a night owl, “Crazy” does not sleep in the middle of the night, how to coax is useless!

“Night owl” baby makes it difficult for mother to sleep well, not to mention envy other people’s regular sleeping baby, sleep well at night, seldom cry during the day, and work and rest on time.

Baby is “night owl”, mother also has responsibility. Because the baby’s daily life has a lot to do with the pregnant mother’s living habits during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother is a “night owl”, don’t blame the baby is also a “night owl”.

Tips: pregnant mothers who are difficult to fall asleep during pregnancy can make themselves sleep more comfortable by reading books and listening to music before going to bed. Sleep comfortable to follow a healthy schedule.

2. Picky about food

Mummy ruiruirui: my baby is very picky about food. Why don’t you like so much when you are young?

Pregnant mothers are picky about food during pregnancy, which will not only affect the nutrition absorption of Taibao, but also “inherit” the pickiness to their babies. After the baby is born, it is easy to eat irregularly, or be picky and partial to certain foods.

Because of the influence of early pregnancy reaction, we can understand that pregnant mothers prefer certain foods. Just pay attention. Even if you are picky, you should also pay attention to balanced nutrition.

Tips: pregnant mothers should have a balanced diet, eat all kinds of food, ensure a comprehensive and balanced nutrition, and eat less and more meals. Pregnant mothers can also prepare some snacks to cope with the hunger from time to time.

3. Laziness

Little grape mother: why is my baby so “lazy” and even unwilling to pay attention to others?

After pregnancy, because of physical fatigue, most pregnant mothers think that they should have more rest. And the family is also very considerate, nothing needs to be done by the pregnant mother. Mother can’t do things during pregnancy, and as a result, she can’t do things without thinking.

The fetus can sense the mother’s thoughts. If the pregnant mother is particularly lazy, the baby will be so lazy. Therefore, pregnant mothers should use their brains more during pregnancy, which is more conducive to the intellectual development of the fetus.

Tips: pregnant mothers can read fetal education books or choose parenting books to learn parenting knowledge in advance.

4. Lose your temper

Suki: my baby has a big temper. I don’t know who to learn from?

Personality can be inherited and easily affected by pregnancy. If pregnant mothers often have big emotional fluctuations, it will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also affect the character of the fetus. Although because of body hormone changes, pregnant mother’s mood is easy to fluctuate, but we must maintain a good mood. Pregnant mother to maintain a happy mood, is also a very important emotional prenatal education.

Tips: pregnant mother in a bad mood, try to divert attention, take a walk, or do gymnastics, can make their mood better.

Although we think that Taibao does not have the ability to learn, we do not know that Taibao has been quietly “imitating” her mother. When the baby is not born, it is unknown how many mother’s habits she will learn. But the mother has bad habits during pregnancy, and it will be late to wait for the baby to be born. From the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to get rid of bad habits and set a good example for their babies.


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