Yesterday was Halloween. Waves of “demons and ghosts” invaded the circle of friends. My friend make complaints about my mother. I called Tucao to make complaints about me, and I want to join Wan Shen’s prone position. But as soon as the idea is said, the family has all kinds of obstacles, which is very helpless.

Many expectant mothers especially like watching horror movies and TV programs before pregnancy, and even after pregnancy, they are still the same.

Let’s discuss it with you today. Can you watch horror movies or participate in similar activities during pregnancy?

Let’s see what netizens say first?

@ Princess Q: it’s best not to watch too exciting film and television programs during pregnancy, because it will affect your mood, so as not to think about that picture repeatedly during rest, which will affect your sleep. It’s better not to look.

@ Witch: it’s OK. I just keep seeing life. There seems to be no big problem.

Needless to say, avoid crowded occasions during pregnancy to prevent accidents. For watching horror movies, most netizens still disagree.

The real situation is really like what netizens say. It’s better not to see it! Just look at how harmful it is.

1. Mental tension

Horror movies are exciting and scary. Pregnant mothers in the process of watching movies, high mental tension will stimulate the secretion of adrenaline. Stimulate fetal vasoconstriction and stimulate nerves through the umbilical cord. The fetus whose nerves are stimulated and in an excited state also secretes a large amount of adrenaline. Excessive stress can hinder the growth of the fetal brain and body. Especially in early pregnancy, it is also easy to cause abortion.

2. Affect sleep

Before going to sleep at night, what you see during the day will flash repeatedly in your mind. If pregnant mothers watch too many stimulating films during the day, it is easy to affect the sleep quality and even have nightmares. In the long run, not only the fetus, but also the pregnant mother herself.

3. Affect fetal personality

Some studies have shown that watching a large number of horror films during pregnancy will not make the baby bold after birth, but timid. This is because the pregnant mother was frightened when watching the film, resulting in fetal treasure being frightened, so she is particularly sensitive after birth.

Therefore, for horror films and exciting films, pregnant mothers should carefully choose whether to watch them or not. During pregnancy, it is the most important for pregnant mothers to keep a stable mood. How should they keep a stable mood during pregnancy?

1. Stabilize emotions

Pregnant women should be happy, emotionally stable, self-control in case of trouble, and don’t be overjoyed, grieved or angry. If the depressed mood of the pregnant mother lasts for several weeks, the excessive activity of the fetus may run through the whole fetal period, thus affecting the development of the fetus.

The experiment of American psychologist Craig and others also confirmed: “emotional excitement during pregnancy will affect the emotional characteristics of offspring.”

2. Touch interaction

Pregnant women can choose to put their hands on their abdomen before going to bed at night and gently touch the fetus from top to bottom for five minutes at a time. At the same time, they can gently chat with fetal treasure and let him hear your voice.

3. Music relief

Choose elegant and beautiful music and listen to it several times a day. The beautiful and quiet melody makes people have beautiful associations. Happy mood will promote the nerve body to produce a liquid, which transmits the beautiful music feeling to the fetus.

Experiments have confirmed that for music with a frequency of 250 ~ 500 Hz and an intensity of 70 dB, the fetus will have a peaceful and extended peristalsis in the maternal abdomen. For those sharp, thin and high-profile music, the fetus will have an unstable and nervous response. Clinical observation shows that through the reading aloud of pregnant women, the fetus can receive the information of human language sound waves, which can promote the development of children’s language after birth.

So, horror movies, pregnant mothers still watch?


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