Due to the influence of hormone changes during pregnancy, pregnant mothers often have allergic reactions on their skin, such as redness, redness, dryness or itching. This allergic dermatitis is a normal pregnancy reaction and has no effect on the fetus. But when skin allergy occurs, pregnant mother will feel uncomfortable and affect the appearance. Especially in the season, skin allergy will be more serious. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to skin care during the season change to prevent the occurrence of allergy.

Pay attention to skin moisturizing.

Mixed skin and dry skin during pregnancy are more likely to cause allergies. Lack of water in the skin will lead to oil-water imbalance, and the face will be oily and itchy. If the pregnant mother accidentally grasps the skin at this time, and the skin comes into contact with some allergens or bacteria, allergy will occur. Therefore, skin moisturizing is the first step of nursing, can choose suitable moisturizing skin care products for pregnant women.

Try to avoid using cosmetics.

Cosmetics contain a variety of chemicals, which are harmful to the fetus and baby. Compared with the fragile skin during pregnancy, cosmetics are undoubtedly adding to the burden. So pregnant mothers had better avoid using cosmetics during pregnancy. But I also understand that everyone loves beauty. If you have to use cosmetics, it is also recommended that pregnant women use special cosmetics for pregnant women. Make up should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible, and clean when removing makeup.

Do not over clean.

Many pregnant mothers sweat more, so the number of baths will increase, and like to use shower gel when taking a bath, almost once a day or more. Frequent use of shower gel will reduce body fat, which is unfavorable for maintaining oil-water balance. It is easy to cause dry and itchy skin due to excessive cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers use shower gel every 1-2 days, and clean the rest of the time with clean water.

If the pregnant mother accidentally skin allergy, in addition to the above recommendations to do a good job in skin care, if there is a serious situation, please see a doctor in time, for the safety of the baby, do not use allergy drugs.


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