After many expectant mothers became pregnant, their tastes changed dramatically. Some expectant mothers can’t even smell the fumes, so their expectant fathers have to wash their hands to make soup. But can husbands really be good family chefs for expectant mothers? For the husband of kitchen dregs, even a tomato scrambled egg is not good, how to become a chef?

Don’t worry, here’s a strategy to help you become the family chef of your pregnant wife.

▎ understand the dietary pattern during pregnancy  
First of all, pregnant women need more calories, especially after entering the second trimester of pregnancy, which should be 10% – 25% higher than usual. They need 1-2 grams of protein and 1 gram of minerals per kilogram of body weight every day. At the same time, they must increase the intake of various vitamins.

Secondly, there will be some minor discomfort during pregnancy, such as vomiting, edema and so on, which can also be alleviated by diet.

Moreover, pregnancy is not want to eat, a lot of food is not to eat, such as the following food——

High sugar diet: often eat high sugar food easily lead to high blood sugar, so that pregnant mother has the risk of diabetes.

✘ raw and cold food: it can cause loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, even stomach spasm, even abdominal pain and diarrhea of pregnant women.

✘ irritating food: such as mustard, pepper, ginger, pepper, curry, etc. eating more will aggravate constipation, hemorrhoids and other symptoms.

✘ fried food: the nutritional components of fried food are also damaged. Some repeatedly used edible oils may contain toxic compounds, which are harmful to the fetus.

✘ canned food: canned food contains additives and preservatives, which can lead to teratogenesis and abortion.

✘ pickled food: such as pickled mustard, bacon, sausage, salted fish, pickled cabbage, tofu, etc. should not be eaten more.

✘ allergic food: avoid food materials that may cause allergies to prevent adverse effects on the fetus.

✘ some fruits: Hawthorn has the effect of causing uterine contraction, longan fever, eat more have adverse effects on the fetus.

▎ learn some cooking details

In the process of cooking, the father to be needs to pay attention to some small details, such as learning how to make delicious food with perfect flavor and color, so as to make his wife’s appetite.

Color: pay attention to the color matching of food materials, bright color helps to improve appetite. If the wife likes light taste, the color of the main ingredients and accessories can be basically the same. On the contrary, if the wife has a heavy taste, it is advisable to match the ingredients of different colors to make the dishes colorful.

Fragrance: the taste should not be too heavy, and it should be light during pregnancy. Green vegetables can be eaten more, not too much salt and other seasonings. The meat is more greasy, you can add some onion, garlic and so on, so that the mellow flavor of meat and vegetable fragrance fusion, unique flavor.

▎ recommended recipes for pregnancy

Some minor discomfort during pregnancy, without drug treatment, can be alleviated by diet therapy, the following can relieve vomiting and edema of food, expectant fathers can learn a move oh.

Recommended recipe for eliminating edema: wax gourd and carp soup

Food preparation:

White gourd 400 grams, carp 1, ginger, edible oil, salt, pepper amount


Step 1: peel and seed the wax gourd and cut it into slices; Clean carp and shred ginger;

Step 2: heat the oil in a hot pan, add the carp and cook it over low heat. Add shredded ginger and add water. Cook until the soup turns white;

Step 3: add white gourd slices, salt and pepper, and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Recommended recipe for relieving pregnancy and vomiting: broccoli and grapefruit juice

Ingredients: 2 broccoli, half grapefruit, 1 tsp honey, 200ml cold water


Step 1: pick 2 small broccoli, soak in light salt water for 5 minutes, and then rinse with running water.

Step 2: blanch the broccoli in boiling water.

Step 3: remove the blanched broccoli and chop it.

Step 4: peel the grapefruit, peel off the white silk and break it into small pieces.

Step 5: put broccoli and grapefruit into blender and pour in cold boiled water.

Step 6: beat the fruit into juice, filter the juice with a spoon, pour the filtered juice into a cup, mix with honey and mix well.


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