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Today, Gua Gua recommends 12 weeks + 1 day of pregnancy, which is about “fetal development”.

By this week, the baby’s body length is about 7.5cm. TA really looks like a baby.

TA’s small face looks like a model. His eyes and ears are clearly distinguishable, but his eyelids are still closed and will not open until about 30 weeks. 20 baby teeth begin to sprout under the gums and fingernails begin to appear.

At this time, the fetal baby’s liver began to secrete bile, the pancreas began to produce insulin, and the heart valve was in place. Through B-ultrasound or fetal heart, you can hear the heartbeat of your baby. TA’s heartbeat is about twice as fast as yours. It sounds like “running pony” or “running train”. Hearing this powerful heartbeat for the first time, quack believes that you must be particularly excited.

Now, the baby will move his body, bend his arm and kick his calf in a shaking way. However, TA’s action is still very small, so you can’t feel it for the time being. TA may also put his thumb into his mouth, but he can’t suck his fingers, but he is still very cute.

Your abdomen has bulged a little this week. You can feel your uterus in the lower abdomen about 10 cm away from the navel, that is, above the pubis. At this point, your breasts will continue to grow, and the color of nipples and areola will become darker.

By this time, your early pregnancy reaction has eased or disappeared, and you will have a big appetite. The development of the fetus is also accelerating. You need to supplement more nutrition. However, you should also pay attention to a balanced diet. No matter how delicious and nutritious food is, you can’t eat too much at one time. When you go out, remember to take some snacks with you, such as biscuits, nuts, fruits, etc. when you are hungry, eat some at any time. Don’t let yourself hungry!

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Pregnant mothers to be have a high incidence of anemia. Many mothers to be have anemia in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, quack has selected two expert questions and answers from Liu Changwei, a nutritionist of Nanjing Children’s Hospital, hoping to give you a certain understanding of anemia during pregnancy. For details of the expert interview, please see the topic: prevention and treatment during pregnancy and guard against iron deficiency anemia (click the previous text to jump to the topic page)

Q: what harm does pregnant women suffer from iron deficiency anemia?

Liu Changwei, a nutritionist, answers:

Anemia during pregnancy needs to be corrected in time, otherwise it will affect the health of fetus and expectant mother, seriously lead to fetal development stagnation, low birth weight, etc., and make pregnant women prone to premature birth.

Q: what are the precautions on diet to prevent iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy?

Liu Changwei, a nutritionist, answers:

In order to prevent iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, on the one hand, pay attention to the intake of iron rich foods, especially heme iron from animal sources, such as red meat, fish, liver or blood clots. You can also intake an appropriate amount of green leafy vegetables, black fungus, white mushroom and black sesame paste. At the same time, you can also intake foods rich in vitamin C to further help supplement iron. At the same time, iron containing supplements can also be considered to achieve preventive iron supplementation.


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