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What guaguagua recommends for you today is about “how to care for breasts during pregnancy”.

You may worry about whether you have become less attractive than before? In fact, the mother to be herself exudes a unique beauty, which is not limited to the body and facial features, but makes you more feminine in temperament and posture.

During pregnancy, women’s breasts will also experience such changes. The nipples will become larger and darker, the whole breast will become soft and sensitive, and the skin texture on the surface will become more obvious. Don’t just focus on these changes, you need to take care of your breasts now, not only for yourself, but also for your baby’s future granary.

Gua Gua suggests that you should clean your nipples once a day to keep your breasts clean. Bra selection is not a small knowledge, the right bra can protect the health of the breast. When choosing a bra, you should make sure that the cup is deep enough to fit the chest, and the shoulder strap and back hook belt should be wider, so that the shoulder strap and buckle can be adjusted at will, so as to have enough support and not to strangle very hard. If you really can’t choose, it’s best to go to a professional underwear store and consult professionals before purchasing. Please believe that such money is worth spending.

Fabric, the best choice of pure cotton bra, comfortable and breathable. You can also try to wear sports bra, this style of bra, ventilation and comfort is better, but also more able to support the chest.

Those bras with steel rings made of chemical fiber materials are not friendly to the breast at all, so they are directly blacklisted. Bra size too small will limit the normal development of breast tissue, affect future lactation, also do not recommend you choose.

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During pregnancy, many pregnant women feel chest discomfort, common is breast swelling, pain and so on. Good breast care during pregnancy plays an important role in postpartum lactation and lactation. So how to do breast care well during pregnancy to alleviate breast discomfort?

Today, quaquaqua has selected two articles. Li Haiyan, the attending physician of vascular surgery department of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, has an expert question and answer on “breast care during pregnancy”. I hope it will be beneficial to you. For details of the expert interview, please check the topic: breast care hot compress massage during pregnancy to relieve pain (click the preceding text to jump to the topic page)

Q: how should breast care be carried out in different pregnancy periods?

Dr. Li Haiyan answers:

In different pregnancy, the focus of breast care is different

(1) early pregnancy: breast tube development period, buy two slightly larger size underwear, do not buy small, otherwise it will limit the normal development of breast tissue; and can not buy too big, or it can not play a heavy breast, protect the role of gland comfortable growth.

(2) second trimester: the mammary gland secretes the colostrum which does not contain the fat, after the hot water bath can cause the colostrum exudation. This period needs to pay attention to keep the breast clean; use pregnancy skin care oil, adhere to gently massage your breast with your hand every day to promote the good development and growth of breast.

(3) third trimester: breast milk increase, fat cells increase, make breast change big, at this time easy to cause nipple relative depression. If not corrected in time, postpartum can not breastfeeding, pregnant women should insist on pressing both sides of the areola with their fingers every day, gently lift the nipple with the other hand, or push the nipple up and down, and gently squeeze out the milk.

Question: how to do breast massage well?

Dr. Li Haiyan answers:

The correct breast massage method includes five steps: massage, rubbing, finger pressing, tremor and finger strike.

(1) massage: hold the breast with the left hand, and push the four fingers of the right hand from the outer upper and lower edge of the breast to the nipple direction for 3 times. Then change the right hand to hold the breast, the four fingers of the left hand from the upper and lower edge of the breast to the direction of the nipple three times;

(2) rubbing: four fingers together, thumb naturally open, palm close to the skin, with the nipple as the center, rub breast 10 circles. Hands staggered, with the palm rub ribs 10 times;

(3) finger pressing: press the middle finger at Shanzhong (the intersection of the line between the midline of the chest and the nipples) and Zusanli for 10 seconds;

(4) tremor: hold the breast with both hands and shake the breast for 30 times;

(5) finger tapping: tap the contralateral breast with the tip of four fingers, taking the areola as the center, and tapping five times.


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