With twins, some are happy and others are worried.

@ CICI: how nice the twins are! There are two more lovely babies in a flash. How lively they are.

@ jingnv: it’s hard to have twins and take more risks. Others have trouble sleeping and moving in the third trimester, and having twins makes all the pregnancies inconvenient ahead of time.

@ sunny day: it’s better to have two babies once and for all. There’s no need to have a second child!

@ Jiajia: it’s stressful to bring two babies at the same time. It’s more difficult to take one baby alone!

It’s really a joy to have twins. However, what we are worried about is not unreasonable. It’s not just family members + 2, it’s not a simple expense X2 to raise twins. Before meeting them, the parents to be need to accept multiple tests from the body and spirit, especially the mother to be. But expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much if they are pregnant. Please take this pregnancy guide.

01 be confident

First and foremost. Pregnant mothers should have confidence in themselves. Don’t worry about it. They should eat, drink and sleep during pregnancy. Although we know that twin pregnant mothers will have many worries, one or two simple words of comfort and relaxation are not very useful in fact, we hope that pregnant mothers can find ways to make themselves happy every day and wait for the birth of their babies. Now the medical conditions are very developed, even twins can be born smoothly.

02 strengthen nutrition, don’t overdo it

A pregnant mother said: since she knew she was pregnant with twins, she was stared at eating more every day. Now I feel that everyone would like them to put food into my mouth, without any appetite.

Having twins means that there are 2 little guys in the stomach who need their mother to provide nutrition at the same time, but it is not equal to eating double amount of food. Studies have shown that twin pregnant women should take an extra 300 kcal of calories per day, iron intake should be increased from 30 mg per day to 60-100 mg per day, and folic acid should be 1 mg per day.

Therefore, even if pregnant with twins, pregnant mothers do not need to eat too much, balanced nutrition is conducive to the healthy development of the fetus. It’s necessary to strengthen nutrition, but eating too much is not good for pregnant mother and fetus.

03 pay attention to rest

In the middle and late stage of pregnancy, the twin pregnant mother has a much larger abdomen and a much more severe degree than the single pregnant mother. The twin pregnant mother will feel discomfort earlier, such as stronger response to pregnancy in the early stage of pregnancy, more flustered in the middle and late stage of pregnancy, swelling of lower limbs, etc. Therefore, we should pay more attention to our daily life. We should pay attention to rest and sleep as much as possible.

04 active inspection

The risk of twin pregnancy is higher than that of single pregnancy. The incidence of pregnancy complications in twin pregnancy is higher, and twin pregnancy is more likely to feel uneasy and respiratory distress due to the compression of pregnant mother’s heart, lung and inferior vena cava. Therefore, the pregnant mother should go to the hospital on time for delivery inspection, and monitor the health status of the mother and the baby in time to ensure the safety of the mother and the baby.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, we need to take frequent birth tests, such as fetal heart rate monitoring. The pregnant mother can prepare a fetal heart rate detector by herself, listen to the fetal heart rate at home, and check it in the hospital in time when there is any abnormality.

05 early preparation

The growth of uterus in twin pregnancy is earlier and more obvious than that in singleton, and the uterus is over inflated, which is more likely to lead to premature delivery. Therefore, the twin pregnant mother can prepare for delivery 4 weeks in advance. Because of the high incidence of pregnancy complications in twins, twin mothers can be hospitalized for childbirth in the pre delivery period to ensure the safety of mothers and children.


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