Do you know the taboo of pregnancy? As a pregnant woman, you are not only responsible for yourself, but also for your baby. Some taboos in daily life can not be committed, for example, pregnancy can not take medicine casually, can not smoke and drink, can not be overtired, can not be too nervous… Otherwise, the baby will be hurt. Eight taboos during pregnancy, expectant mothers must know!

1. Avoiding heat

Sperms and eggs meet to form fertilized eggs. Fertilized eggs are most afraid of “heat”. At the beginning of pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to stay away from high temperature environment, such as hot bathtub and sauna, and try to avoid fever, otherwise it is easy to increase the risk of fetal nervous system diseases.

2. Drug Avoidance

The embryo continues to grow and becomes a fetus from week 9. At this time, expectant mothers will have some early pregnancy reactions, such as general weakness, loss of appetite, pregnancy and vomiting. Do not take drugs at will during this period, because taking drugs will increase the risk of congenital birth defects, especially heart defects.

3. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Excessive alcohol may cause fetal growth retardation, neurological abnormalities, malformations, intellectual impairment and so on. Cigarettes may cause risks such as low birth weight and premature delivery. For the sake of baby’s health, mothers-to-be must not be exposed to tobacco and alcohol. If the expectant father has the habit of smoking and drinking, this extraordinary period should be avoided or reduced as far as possible, so as not to force the expectant mother to smoke secondhand smoke.

4. Avoid noise

By April of pregnancy, the fetus can hear the mother’s heartbeat and the voice of the outside world. At this time, it can give the baby music prenatal education. However, mothers-to-be should avoid being in a noisy environment for a long time, and try to stay away from places such as crowds and frequent construction. At this time, the baby’s hearing is preliminary formation period, expectant mothers can take good care of him.

5. Avoid Strong Radiation

Radiation from cell phones, computers and so on can’t hurt babies, but other strong radiation should be paid attention to. For example, X-ray examination, may cause the risk of abortion, malformation, mental retardation of the fetus, must be away from strong radiation.

6. Avoid malnutrition

Generally speaking, pregnant women nowadays are mostly overnourished and seldom malnourished. But some mothers-to-be are over-picky, which may cause the fetus to lack certain nutrients. Inadequate nutrition intake by expectant mothers may cause malnutrition of babies, resulting in developmental disorders, intellectual impairment and other issues. Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to reasonable diet and nutrition balance.

7. Avoid overwork

By August of pregnancy, the brain of the fetus develops rapidly, and most organs have matured. The expectant mother’s stomach is obviously enlarged, her body is clumsy, and her movements are inconvenient. She may also have lower limb edema and elevated blood pressure. At this time, expectant mothers should avoid overwork, do not work hard, can do some housework within their capabilities, but can not do too much strenuous exercise.

8. Avoid excessive tension and anxiety

The fetus is most afraid of the mother’s emotional tension, if the mother-to-be’s stress is too high, or emotional tension for a long time, will affect the physical and mental development of the fetus, therefore, the mother-to-be should try to relax and maintain physical and mental pleasure. Near the due date, many mothers will be anxious, always thinking about when to give birth, anxious mood will make the baby feel uneasy, mothers still wait patiently, when the time is ripe, the baby will send a signal.

Are all expectant mothers aware of the eight taboos of pregnancy? For the sake of the baby’s health, mothers-to-be must be careful not to let these taboos hurt the baby.


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