Pregnancy vomiting is a kind of reaction of early pregnancy, which generally appears at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy and lasts until 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Every expectant mother’s reaction to pregnancy and vomiting is not the same. Some expectant mothers only feel a little nauseous. Some expectant mothers are very pregnant and vomiting. When they smell something, they can’t help vomiting. They can’t get close to the kitchen. They don’t want to eat anything they used to like.

So, what should I pay attention to when I vomit during pregnancy? How can I not vomit so easily? Let’s explain to the expectant mothers.

1. The diet is light, easy to digest, with a small amount of more meals

Mother to be’s meals should be light and delicious. Try to choose the digestible food you want to eat and avoid spicy, greasy and high-fat food.

Usually eat a small amount of more than one meal, do not eat too full, otherwise it is easy to cause vomiting. Expectant mothers can have extra meals in three meals, or eat something every two to three hours, and eat less each time.

2. Take some snacks with you to avoid fasting

If you are too hungry, there is no food in your stomach to neutralize stomach acid, which will lead to more stomach acid and vomiting.

Therefore, when the mother to be goes out, she should take some snacks with her, such as salty soda biscuits, breadcrumbs, yogurt, etc., and eat a little when she is hungry to avoid an empty stomach.

If you vomit obviously when brushing your teeth in the morning, you can put some snacks at the head of the bed. When you wake up in the morning, you can eat some snacks first, and then get out of bed to brush your teeth, which can obviously alleviate morning vomit.

3. Eat some foods that can relieve the pregnancy and vomiting

Expectant mothers can try lemon, plum and other sour food, or contain some ginger slices and drink some ginger soup, which can also help relieve pregnancy and vomiting.

4. Avoid the smell and food that may cause your nausea

If you are sensitive to certain smells, such as lampblack, fishy smell, or some foods, you should try to avoid these sensitive factors.

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In addition to the above dietary methods, expectant mothers can also try the following methods to relieve pregnancy and vomiting:

1. Proper exercise: for example, taking a walk in the park, doing some pregnant women’s health exercises or relaxing housework, etc., can reduce pregnancy vomiting;

2. Adjust anxiety: keep the mood relaxed and happy, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort;

3. Seek doctor’s help: if the pregnancy and vomiting are serious, take vitamin B6 to relieve under the guidance of doctor, and carry out infusion treatment if necessary.


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