Formaldehyde is a colorless and soluble irritant gas, which mainly comes from building decoration materials, fuel combustion and industrial application, food and various consumer goods, such as cosmetics, textile fiber, etc.

Among them, formaldehyde in indoor air mainly comes from decoration materials, decoration materials, furniture and coatings, especially artificial plates and adhesives.

Formaldehyde is a recognized toxic substance, which has been listed as human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. If exposed to low concentration formaldehyde for a long time, it will stimulate the human body to cause uncomfortable symptoms such as tears, sneezing, coughing and so on. If exposed to high concentration formaldehyde for a long time, it can cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, and has toxic effects on the human respiratory system, immune system, nervous system and other systems. It can also cause pregnancy syndrome, spontaneous abortion and other conditions for pregnant women.

Since the harm of formaldehyde is so great, in addition to the control from the source, we should pay attention to the choice of environmental protection decoration and decoration materials, what other methods can help to remove formaldehyde and protect expectant mothers and babies? Here are a few ways to share with you.

1. Multi window ventilation

Comprehensive rating: ★★★

Advantages: simple, effective and economical

Deficiency: passive, greatly affected by external conditions

Window ventilation is the simplest way to purify indoor air. Through air circulation, it can effectively reduce indoor formaldehyde concentration.

However, this method is conditional on the premise that the outdoor air is clean. If the outdoor air quality is not good, such as continuous haze, the ventilation effect will be discounted.

At the same time, the mother to be should pay attention to, after the house is decorated, do not rush to move in, should at least open the window to ventilate for three months or longer.

2. Activated carbon adsorption

Comprehensive rating: ★★★

Advantages: fast effect, no side effects

Deficiency: it is conducted in confined space and effective in a short time

Activated carbon has the characteristics of many pores and has certain adsorption effect on formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Moreover, activated carbon is popular because of its low price and easy operation.

However, the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon is not always there, and the adsorption effect is strong at the early stage of use, but the effect will decrease with a long time.

3. Use air purifier

Comprehensive rating: ★★★

Advantages: it has certain effect

Insufficient: high input price

Air purifier can help us purify PM2.5 particles and formaldehyde in indoor air to a certain extent. Mothers to be, if conditions permit, may consider purchasing air purifiers of reliable quality.

4. Planting green plants

Comprehensive rating: ★ ★ ☆

Advantages: economical and convenient, and beautify the environment

Insufficient: very limited effect

Ivy, aloe, pineapple, Chlorophytum, tiger tail orchid, turtle back bamboo, etc. are generally considered to be good at absorbing formaldehyde.

It is true that plants can help purify the indoor air and have a certain effect on formaldehyde removal, but the effect is very small.

However, after all, raising some plants can beautify the home environment, so it’s also a way to try.

For the above formaldehyde removal methods, the mother to be can choose one or more methods to use in combination according to the specific situation.


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