Many ancient costume plays have such a plot, a woman suddenly fainted, and then urgently declared Tai medicine, Tai medicine pulse after the “congratulations to the emperor, the mother has a happy.” However, modern drama is not so troublesome, as long as there is no reason to retch, in all cases are pregnant. Yes, one of the biggest symptoms of early pregnancy is “morning sickness”. Even if it’s not a TV show, in daily life, women of childbearing age vomit for no reason, and the people around them will burst out “Are you pregnant?” The idea. Why does pregnancy appear after pregnancy?

I tell you, you are pregnant.

When a woman is pregnant, the hormones in her body change dramatically, and vomiting occurs because the body can’t bear the change. You can tell the big headed shrimp that you don’t know when your menstruation will come, “you are pregnant.” The increase in hormone levels after pregnancy protects young fertilized eggs and helps the fetus implant and develop. Therefore, for the expectant mothers in “tire protection”, doctors generally want to see the reaction of vomiting and vomiting. If there is no sense at all, be vigilant. There may be a risk of embryo arrest.

I always remind you to protect your baby well.

On the other hand, it may be that the baby is reminding the mother that she is pregnant and needs to adjust her lifestyle properly so that the baby can have a healthier growth environment. It is also a baby’s self-protection mechanism, so that the mother of bad, poisonous food vomited at any time, so as not to hurt the baby.

Four ways to relieve morning sickness

According to statistics, three out of every four expectant mothers feel nausea and sometimes vomiting during pregnancy. Although vomiting is common among pregnant mothers, and vomiting is also very hard, but pregnant mothers need not be afraid, the following four methods can help you to alleviate vomiting, alleviate pain.

1, diet therapy to relieve morning sickness

In early pregnancy, the fetus grows relatively slowly and does not need much nutrition. At this point, expectant mothers can choose to satisfy their own taste of food, and try to reduce the amount of each meal, eat less, drink more water, eat more vitamin-rich foods, to prevent constipation, because constipation will aggravate the early pregnancy reaction.

The dining environment can be changed frequently, which can stimulate appetite. Eating more drier foods, such as baked steamed bread, bread slices, biscuits, pancakes and so on, can also reduce pregnancy and vomiting reaction. If the morning sickness is serious, you may eat more alkaline vegetables such as vegetables, fruits, beans, milk, chestnuts and so on.

2. Drug therapy relieves morning sickness.

Some expectant mothers have severe vomiting during pregnancy. In order to ensure maternal and fetal health, expectant mothers should take nutritional supplements. For example, taking some B vitamins and vitamin C can also relieve the discomfort of pregnancy reaction. It is worth noting that medication should not be used casually during pregnancy. If medication is needed, it must also be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Exercise therapy relieves morning sickness.

Proper exercise can also reduce vomiting in early pregnancy. Therefore, expectant mothers should properly participate in some gentle activities, such as doing yoga for pregnant women, walking with their husbands, etc., can improve mood and strengthen the body.

If expectant mothers stay in bed all day because of nausea and vomiting, do not eat, are upset and physically weak, it will aggravate the early pregnancy reaction. If mothers-to-be do too little, nausea, poor appetite, burnout and other symptoms will be more serious, in the long run will form a vicious circle, and even affect the health of the fetus.

4. Psychotherapy relieves morning sickness.

Pregnancy reaction and psychological pressure have a certain relationship, psychological pressure is too large, pregnancy reaction will be more serious, therefore, psychological relaxation is more important than anything. In fact, vomiting is a normal phenomenon, as long as within the normal range, the mother-to-be do not have to worry about adverse effects on the fetus. Some mothers think that the more vomiting you get during pregnancy, the smarter your baby is. You might as well use this psychological cue to make vomiting worthwhile and feel more comfortable yourself. In addition, expectant mothers to understand some of the corresponding scientific knowledge, and more around the mother and expectant mother to communicate, learn from each other, relieve psychological pressure.

Generally speaking, vomiting is a normal phenomenon, expectant mothers need not worry too much, but if vomiting is serious, has posed a threat to the health of mothers and infants, can not be ignored, if necessary to go to the hospital, timely treatment. Expectant mothers should not put too much pressure on themselves during pregnancy, but believe that their babies themselves will strive to grow up healthily. At the same time, the family should give mothers more comfort and understanding, allowing mothers to be in a relaxed environment.


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