Women change much after they get pregnant, and even their hair on the body is different from that before pregnancy. Maybe you will envy Mammy’s hair, which is dark and thick, shiny and glossy, but that is only temporary. Although the dark hair is enviable, but the arms, stomach, legs and other parts of the hair become more, but also make pregnant mothers worried. The change of body after pregnancy is not controlled by pregnant mummy, only because of hormones. What changes do you have during pregnancy?

1. Pregnant, the axillary color is deep, and the hair is missing.

The net friend Yingying mother shares with everybody on the net, after being pregnant 4 months unintentionally discovers axillary sweat hair to drop a lot, because before often shaves, grows thick and black. After shaving twice during pregnancy, it became thinner and thinner, and the underarm color became darker.

In fact, the armpit hair is grown due to the influence of sex hormones. In early childhood, due to the low secretion of sex hormones, pubic hair and axillary hair are not seen. When the hormones in the body become chaotic, axillary hair and pubic hair will fall off. And sex hormones are also a kind of hormones, so when the pregnant mother’s sexual hormones imbalance, the armpit will appear Yingying mother this situation.

Two. After pregnancy, the hair is thicker.

During pregnancy, estrogen levels in pregnant mothers vary greatly, and it is these high estrogen levels that prolong the growth of pregnant mothers’hair. Therefore, pregnant mummy loses less hair every day. Normally, 85-95% of your hair is growing, and 5-15% of your hair is dormant.

So it’s not because pregnant women have more new hair, it’s just because they’re losing their hair more slowly than usual, making them feel thicker. As soon as the hibernation period passes, the hair often falls off when you comb or wash it and is replaced by new hair.

When estrogen levels drop in the body, more hair will immediately fall into dormancy and fall off. That’s why when a pregnant woman upgrades to a new mother, she loses her hair so much, and people with longer hair tend to change more dramatically.

Three. After pregnancy, the body hair becomes much more.

If less armpit hair and more hair make a pregnant woman happy, then changes in body hair after pregnancy can be maddening. During pregnancy, the body hair of many pregnant moms will increase significantly. For example, there are more body hair in the arms, around the abdomen and calf. In addition to the new hair on your face, you may also find occasional body hairs on your breasts, abdomen and back.

The most impressive is that the mother’s abdomen below the middle of the black line, width can reach 1 cm, often through the navel, and even sparse hair growth, black line often appears around the second trimester of pregnancy. This is due to the development of the baby, abdominal muscles stretched and slightly separated to accommodate the baby, resulting in abdominal pigmentation.

The reason why body hair is so prosperous is naturally related to the increase of male hormones in your body. These extra body hairs will disappear within 3-6 months after your delivery, and don’t worry about mummy.

Four. Eyebrows fade after pregnancy.

A netizen revealed on the Internet that he was 27 weeks pregnant, but recently looking in the mirror suddenly found that his eyebrows have faded! Before always called “crayon small new”, thick and black eyebrows, how they like to repair eyebrows, now suddenly found that eyebrows are much less light, now dare not trim eyebrows casually. Can it be that progesterone is making trouble? Can it still go back after giving birth?

In fact, pregnant Mommy eyebrows fade, it is really affected by progesterone. Pregnant mothers do not need to care, also do not need to fill, after you give birth to the baby, the body of progesterone returned to normal levels, naturally will become back to the original thick eyebrows.

Pregnant mothers need not worry, after giving birth to a baby, when hormones return to pregnant levels, everything will return to normal. The hair that bothers you will return to the way it used to be, and the hair that becomes thick during pregnancy will gradually recover after childbirth, and the mother will not have to worry about losing her hair after childbirth.


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