In hot summer, pregnant mothers are forced to enter the test mode. Poor appetite in hot weather is a big test for pregnant mothers. Mosquitoes are also a big test for pregnant mothers. In addition, in sensitive period, pregnant mothers have to guard against all kinds of diseases and do a good job of pregnant health care. In this hot summer, what should pregnant mothers pay attention to in diet, living and health care? What does a pregnant mother have to do to spend the summer safely?

Dietary aspect: fruit can’t replace dinner

High temperature weather inevitably makes people appetite decline, emotional instability, coupled with the boost of pregnancy response, many pregnant mothers face three meals a day, no appetite. But in order to provide enough nutrition for the baby in the stomach, some pregnant mothers choose fruit instead of dinner. In fact, such behavior is not wise.

Although, for pregnant women in general, no fruit is absolutely taboo. But it is not advisable to eat in large quantities or to substitute fruit for dinner. Most fruits have high sugar content, but their fat and protein content are relatively insufficient. If pregnant mothers eat too much fruit, it will not only cause gestational diabetes, but also affect the nutritional intake of proteins necessary for the growth and development of babies. Some hot fruits, such as litchi and longan, if consumed in large quantities, will lead to constipation and sore mouth of pregnant mothers, especially pregnant mothers with threatened abortion should be more cautious, because hot fruits easily cause fetal disturbance.

Doctors recommend that pregnant mothers eat light meals in summer and eat fewer and more meals. Every day to ensure the intake of high-quality protein, such as eggs, fish, chickens and so on, the combination of buckwheat should be reasonable. In addition, pregnant women are prone to constipation. They should drink more water and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and beans.

Living: mosquito control, safety is the most important

Have you ever noticed that mosquitoes like to bite you very much after entering the hot summer? Yes, pregnant women are one of the mosquito’s favorite groups. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have faster metabolism and sweat more, so they are more attracted to mosquitoes. Can’t point mosquito-repellent incense, can’t use stimulating water to kill mosquitoes, how can pregnant mothers prevent mosquitoes safer?

In the face of this annoying mosquito, pregnant mothers can achieve mosquito control effect by adjusting their living conditions. For example, take a shower 1-2 times a day, each time controlled in about 15 minutes. The water temperature should not be cool to the skin. Dry the skin immediately after bathing to avoid catching cold. Choose the special bath lotion for pregnant women as far as possible.

The safest way for pregnant women to avoid mosquito bites in summer is to choose mosquito nets or closed screens as the first choice, or to use mosquito-repellent incense tablets or mosquito-repellent liquid for pregnant women, but the indoor and outdoor air circulation must be maintained. For example, in open air environment, suitable amount of mosquito repellent water for pregnant women can be sprayed. If you are accidentally bitten by mosquitoes, you can use cold water wet compress in the bite to stop itching and swelling.

Health care: Beware of all kinds of diseases

Pregnancy is a sensitive period for pregnant mothers, and the body’s resistance decreases. It is more prone to iron deficiency anemia, calcium deficiency, constipation and urinary system inflammation than the general population. Especially in summer, it is more prone to the symptoms of febrile typhoid. The cause of this disease is mostly because pregnant mothers are greedy and cold. Therefore, pregnant mothers should minimize the use of air conditioning and maintain indoor and outdoor air circulation, especially when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large.

In addition, pregnant mothers need to prevent fungal vaginitis in summer. If vulva and vaginal itching, burning pain, it is recommended to wear cotton underwear, keep the vulva clean and dry, if necessary, use vaginal suppository, but need to consult a doctor in advance, not unauthorized use.

No matter how many difficulties the summer brings to pregnant mothers, don’t worry, we all have countermeasures to deal with them one by one. However, in this hot season, accompanied by the noise of cicadas, people become more irritable. For pregnant mothers, it is more important to keep a happy mood and laugh at life.


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