Pregnancy is a magical thing, in the process, you will find yourself there will be many changes, and even for no reason appear some strange behavior, really amazing. For example, during pregnancy, the taste changed, the food used to be very annoying, one day in pregnancy, suddenly want to eat, but also like to eat. Every time you see something about your baby, you become very sensitive. You used to think you were a very rational person. After you get pregnant, you become emotional unconsciously. Here are some strange behaviors to see how many of you are pregnant.

Weird behavior: the more vomiting during pregnancy, the happier you feel.

There is a popular saying that “the more severe the vomiting is, the more healthy the fetus is.” So some expectant mothers even feel miserable when they are pregnant, but they still feel very happy and secure.

[Digestion]: Since vomiting is caused by the secretion of lutein, the function of lutein is to stabilize the placenta, the more lutein is secreted, the more stable the placenta is, and of course vomiting is more severe. However, the absence of vomiting does not mean that the fetus is unhealthy. There is no scientific evidence that there is an inevitable relationship between the two.

Weird behavior two: tastes change.

The most common change for expectant mothers during pregnancy is the change in taste preference. Expectant mothers who hate eating meat are likely to become very fond of eating meat after pregnancy.

[DISCUSSION] Lutein secreted during pregnancy protects the uterus from contracting, thereby protecting the embryo, but it also slows down gastrointestinal peristalsis. Therefore, expectant mothers are more likely to find it difficult to eat or have no appetite. When the appetite is not good, you may prefer some special taste, therefore, taste preference changes, can be said to be caused by slower gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Strange behavior three: a special liking for a particular sitting position.

After pregnancy, some expectant mothers will feel as if they are less and less attention to the image, each time sitting with their feet apart, they do not know why, they feel comfortable sitting like this, very natural.

[Dispel] It doesn’t matter in principle what posture your mother likes to adopt, but if you don’t change the position for a long time, the blood circulation will become worse, and nerves may be compressed for a long time, leading to more serious edema. Prolonged lying down can cause sciatic nerve pain and disc herniation is also more obvious. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers-to-be do not fix a position for more than 2 hours, even if it takes a long time to sit at work, but also from time to time to get up and walk.

Weird behavior four: I especially like to buy vegetables or clean up my house.

A would-be mother who did not like to do housework may become fond of housework after pregnancy. Pregnancy is amazing!

[Digestion] In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to have a strong desire to clean or do housework. Although no one knows exactly why, psychological factors may explain this situation, because the fetus is about to come out and meet the mother, expectant mothers will diligently try to replace the baby. Arrange a safe, warm and comfortable nest. But because production itself is a labor-intensive thing, so it is recommended that mothers-to-be do not waste too much energy while cleaning, especially in the latter period when the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, changing the position of furniture and other heavy work, is not the time for you to do, you can pick some easier things to do, such as for Baby knitted sweater and so on.

Weird behavior five: it’s easy to move things related to babies.

Do mothers-to-be feel more touched during pregnancy, even if only to go to a movie, or see pictures of babies on television, are easily moved to tears, they feel strange, but after the baby was born will not be so.

[Explanation] It can be explained by “premenstrual syndrome” (because the secretion of lutein also increases during menstruation). In the earlier period of medicine, “premenstrual syndrome” was considered to be a purely psychological factor, possibly due to their own emotional rejection of menstruation, so it is easy to have emotional instability. It was later discovered that, Huang The difference between the secretion of voxels will cause the body to react. Because the response to hormone drops varies according to one’s constitution, not everyone will; but estrogen increases during pregnancy in addition to lutein, so prospective mothers may be more sensitive.

In fact, when pregnant with a variety of strange behavior is very normal, after all, when pregnant the body will change, hormones in the body are constantly changing, so that the mother-to-be’s physical and psychological are more or less affected. As long as there is no threat to health, some strange behavior is okay, and after the birth of a baby, will generally return to normal, do not worry.


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