If a pregnant mother is tired, don’t think it’s hypocritical. The arrival of a small life is happy, but it will also make her feel inconvenient, pregnant and tired.

On the one hand, pregnancy fatigue is caused by the surge of progesterone during pregnancy, the sharp increase of progesterone in the body and the acceleration of metabolism. The body will have an adaptation period in the face of a series of changes.

On the other hand, as the fetus grows up slowly, a lot of nutrition will be provided to the fetus by the pregnant mother. The lack of nutrition of the pregnant mother, coupled with walking with a small ball all day, is also a great test of the body’s ability to bear.

In the early stage of pregnancy, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, heartburn and emotional fluctuation are all normal! Moreover, affected by genetic factors, some people are tired and pregnant during the whole pregnancy process from pregnancy to the birth of a baby.

So how should pregnant women deal with pregnancy fatigue?

Looking at the Encyclopedia of parenting, we found that pregnant women can reduce fatigue if they do the following:

First of all, pregnant mothers must adjust their mentality. Pregnancy is a special period. Don’t try to be brave in everything. Obsessive-compulsive disorder has an impact on mood, which will also affect the fetus, so it’s easier to muddle along.

Second, don’t be too tired. Try to have a lot of rest.

Third, regular meals and snacks. Pregnant women consume a lot of body energy and are prone to hypoglycemia. Eating small snacks and snacks can relieve hunger.

Fourth, pay attention to exercise. Generally, more attention should be paid to walking, such as walking and climbing stairs, which is suitable for pregnant women. The time does not need to be too long, and it can be controlled within 30 minutes.

Fifth, drink more water. Proper supplement of water can balance electrolyte in human body and help relieve fatigue symptoms during pregnancy.

Sixth, we can listen to soothing music. Now we are all advocating prenatal education. Listening to some beautiful music not only makes pregnant mothers happy, but also benefits the development of their babies.

It’s really hard to feel the tired of having a baby in October. It’s not easy to eat well, sleep well, and do anything. The greatness of maternal love is not only selfless love for children in the future. From the moment of pregnancy, every pregnant mother is very difficult. I hope the above sharing can help pregnant mothers and every man cherish his love wishes It means your wife who has children.


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