When you know that a colleague is pregnant, she may have been pregnant for more than three months. Why do you know so late? Is it because you don’t know? No, maybe it’s just her concealment! There will be some taboos after pregnancy, for example, not to exercise, not to drink, not to drink coffee Moreover, there is also the possibility of pregnancy and vomiting. It’s not easy to conceal it for three months! Why do mothers hide their pregnancy in the first three months? How can I have a baby while keeping it secret?

In the first three months of pregnancy, why do pregnant moms keep secrets?

The older generation believed that after a woman is pregnant, there is a fetal God to protect the healthy growth of the fetus, but if the pregnant thing is told to others too early, it will make the fetal God unhappy, but it will hurt the child.

The first three months of pregnancy are critical because 80% of accidents happen during this period. Some people think that the fetus is not stable in the first three months of pregnancy. If there is a problem, it is inevitable to be happy. It is better not to tell others.

There are many girls around because of pregnancy and affect the promotion and salary increase, or even the end of the year bonus. With this in mind, pregnant women can only try not to disclose the information about their pregnancy, unless the nature and intensity of work are not conducive to pregnancy and have to be informed.

Some women choose not to tell others because they are not ready to be mothers and are still in the stage of self adaptation and adjustment.

How to keep secret in the first three months of pregnancy?

Although pregnant mothers choose to keep secret in the first three months, they should also have a good baby! Not only to keep secret, but also to have a baby. What should pregnant mothers do?

1. Prepare food to relieve pregnancy and vomiting

Pregnant mothers can reserve some ginger sugar, sour plum, biscuits, or other food that can relieve vomiting. If they want to vomit at work, they can eat some properly. In addition, you can drink more ginger water during the day to supplement your body’s water, because lack of water will make morning sickness more serious. Pregnant vomiting is serious, can eat vegetables, fruits and other alkaline food appropriately, in order to prevent acidosis.

In addition, pregnant mothers at work may suddenly feel sick on the way to or from work, which inevitably makes pregnant mothers embarrassed. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to prepare in advance, prepare plastic bags for vomitus, and take paper towels with them.

2. Non drinking and alcoholic drinks

During pregnancy, whether drinking beer, wine, spirits, or other alcoholic drinks, will cause alcohol to enter the fetus through the placenta, affecting its normal development. Therefore, for the health of the next generation, pregnant mothers should keep away from all kinds of alcohol and alcoholic drinks during pregnancy.

So, how can you refuse to drink with your colleagues some time ago? Besides pretending to be ill, it seems that it’s hard to refuse enthusiastic colleagues. Stomach disease may be acceptable.

3. Reasonable rejection of coffee

Many office workers have the habit of drinking coffee, but scientists in the United States and Norway have found that drinking coffee during pregnancy will increase the probability of cleft lip or palate.

Caffeine in coffee is a kind of nerve stimulant. It stimulates sympathetic nerve, and it can also act on embryo and cause mutation by combining with DNA in cell. Therefore, drinking coffee in pregnant women may lead to abnormal birth, which is also related to spontaneous abortion and low birth weight. Pregnant mothers should not drink coffee in the early stage of pregnancy.

If a colleague doesn’t know you are pregnant and brings you a cup of coffee, what should you do? You can politely refuse, you can say to her, “I’m sorry, I’ve been suffering from insomnia recently. The doctor suggests not to drink coffee.” Generally speaking, I hear the doctor’s advice, and my colleagues will not force you.

4. Choose slow motion

In the first three months of pregnancy, because the embryo is in the development stage, especially the connection between placenta and the mother’s uterine wall is not close, some big movements may cause the uterus to be shaken and the placenta to fall off, resulting in abortion. If you want to move in this stage, try to choose slow-paced movements, such as jumping, twisting or fast rotation, which should not be done.

Some pregnant moms will feel tired in the early stage of pregnancy, and also have morning sickness, which is not suitable for morning exercise. If other partners invite you to do morning exercises together, you can politely refuse, or tell her that your exercise time has been changed to afternoon or evening.

In addition, pregnant mothers should choose places with fresh air and quiet environment, as far as possible away from dusty and noisy places, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.


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