Nutrition during pregnancy is naturally very important for pregnant mothers. After all, “one person eats two supplements”. However, in the early pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have a greater pregnancy response, food deprivation. How can I break my vomiting? How can I eat it?

Understanding the methods of relieving pregnancy and vomiting

From the first week to the thirteenth weekend of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers have strong physical symptoms and early pregnancy reaction. The manifestations are fatigue, fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and so on. Pregnant mothers need to understand some basic relief methods to make themselves more comfortable, so that they can gradually restore their appetite.

First, eat more original food. Back to the truth, the original food is more plain and less stimulating to the digestive system, which has become more fragile for pregnant mothers. In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers can eat more carbohydrate-rich foods, such as white rice, soda biscuits, dairy products can be based on original yogurt, lemonade and watermelon, bananas and so on are more appropriate. High-fat, greasy, spicy, and fried foods are more likely to stimulate the intestines and stomach, but most pregnant mothers with vomiting will automatically stay away from them.

Second, eat less and eat more. Pregnant mothers can take some biscuits and other snacks with them. Eating a small amount in the morning when they get up helps to relieve morning vomiting. They can also eat something whenever they are hungry to prevent nausea and vomiting. If they wake up in the middle of the night, they can also eat some to relieve pregnancy and vomiting.

Third, physical mitigation. If a pregnant mother feels like vomiting, try lying down. This method can effectively relieve vomiting. Lemon fresh fragrance and sour taste can alleviate pregnancy and vomiting. If the pregnant mother is at home, she can cut a fresh lemon, smell it or lick it. If you go out, a pregnant mother can drop a few drops of lemon on her handkerchief. If she smells bad and feels like vomiting, she can use it urgently.

Key Points of Dietary Nutrition in Early Pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the diet should be simple, light, easy to digest and absorb. At the same time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the reasonable supplement of folic acid, pay attention to the dietary rules, and try to achieve the combination of meat and vegetable.

Firstly, nutrition should be strengthened in stages. Early pregnancy usually refers to the first three months, the first month many pregnant mothers often do not know that they are pregnant, diet will not pay special attention. In fact, pregnant mothers should pay attention to nutrition from the beginning of pregnancy preparation in order to achieve eugenics. Pregnant mothers should eat more food containing high-quality protein rich in amino acids, such as milk, fish, lean meat, eggs, beans and so on. At the same time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the intake of folic acid, which is rich in green leafy vegetables, animal liver and kidney, and various kinds of fruits.

Pregnancy and vomiting often occur in the second month, and the pregnant mother’s appetite begins to deteriorate. At this time, food that is good for appetizing and invigorating the spleen is the first choice for pregnant mothers. For example, rice soup, duck eggs, perch, white radish, cabbage, winter melon, Huaishan and red dates, as well as apples, loquat and other fruits. At this time, pregnant mothers should eat more fresh vegetables rich in cellulose to prevent constipation. The baby’s brain development begins at the 7th week of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating seafood rich in DHA, choline-rich peanuts, whole-wheat bread, lettuce, cauliflower and so on. At the same time, they should also pay attention to adequate protein intake.

By the third month, the fetus and baby will grow faster. Pregnant mothers need to supplement high-quality protein, calcium, zinc, vegetable fat and other foods rich in vitamin E, such as vegetable oil, malt and so on. Attention should be paid to proper diet and adequate nutrition.

Second, we should carefully select “refined” ingredients. Food selection in early pregnancy should be conducive to digestion and absorption of pregnant mothers, as well as to alleviating pregnancy and vomiting. Therefore, drier foods, such as baked bread and japonica rice, millet porridge, are more suitable. They can help pregnant mothers to replenish water. In the production of food, we should pay attention to keeping the nutrient elements of food materials as far as possible, not over washing vegetables or rice, vegetables do not over frying, in order to avoid excessive loss of vitamins, eat freely ah.


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