After a woman is pregnant, her body’s resistance drops, and she is easy to feel tired and catch a cold. It’s not a big deal for ordinary people to catch a cold, but it’s not the same for pregnant women. Because of the special situation during pregnancy, they can’t take medicine casually. Many times, pregnant women have a cold and can only carry it hard. However, if the cold during pregnancy is ignored, the aggravation of the cold is also harmful to the health of mother and baby. So, what should I do if I catch a cold during pregnancy?

Can pregnant period cold take medicine?

Can you take medicine for a cold during pregnancy? This problem has puzzled some pregnant mothers who have a cold. Generally speaking, drugs are forbidden in the first three months of pregnancy, because these three months are the critical period for embryo formation. If the pregnant mother’s cold is not particularly serious, non drug therapy can be adopted, such as some safe and effective prescriptions for cold or diet therapy.

If you have a bad cold and don’t get well for a long time, you should see a doctor. When you see a doctor, you must tell the doctor that you are pregnant. The doctor will treat you according to your situation. Even if you prescribe medicine, the doctor will prescribe some medicine that the pregnant mother can take.

No medicine for cold during pregnancy

For pregnant women, once they have a cold, they are like enemies. They are afraid to take medicine because they are worried about the influence of drugs on the fetus, but it is easy to aggravate the disease if they don’t take medicine. How can pregnancy catch a cold without taking medicine be good? First, drink plenty of water. Second, try the following safe recipes.

1. Do gymnastics in the early stage of cold

Just feel the nose, throat itching, do the following gymnastics 2 ~ 3 times has curative effect.

Steps: stand upright with legs slightly apart, neck straight, head on top as far as possible, eyes wide, tongue extended as far as possible, arms on both sides of the body, hands and fingers straight. Then from the top of the head to the hands and toes, the whole body vibrates, and continuously makes a “belching” sound, repeated 2 ~ 3 times.

2. Gargle with salt water

For those with fever and cold, sore throat and itching, rinse mouth and throat with concentrated saline every 10 minutes, 10 times effective.

3. Breathe hot air through mouth and nose

Pour 42 degree hot water into the thermos cup. The cold sufferer puts his mouth and nose into the cup mouth and inhales hot steam continuously, three times a day.

Diet therapy recommended for cold during pregnancy

If the pregnant mother has a bad cold, she must see a doctor. If you have a common cold, if you don’t need to see a doctor, dietotherapy can also work. If you have a cold, you might as well try it. Let’s take a look at the cold during pregnancy?

1. Ginger, onion and garlic

Raw garlic and green onion are better than medicine. Eating raw garlic and green onion is a good way to prevent cold. Allicin capsules are extracted from garlic. Garlic can not only prevent colds, but also inhibit intestinal pathogens.

The taste of raw garlic and green onion is choking, which is difficult for some pregnant mothers to accept. Therefore, you can drink warm brown sugar ginger water, and then sleep, you will feel much more comfortable when you wake up.

2. Chicken soup

Drinking chicken soup can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose, and has a good effect on clearing respiratory virus. Often drinking chicken soup can improve the body’s resistance and prevent colds. In chicken soup with some pepper, ginger and other condiments, or the following to eat, have a certain help for the treatment of cold.

3. Radish soup

Wash and slice 150g white radish, add 900ml water, fry until about 600ml, add a little sugar, take a cup while hot, take another cup half an hour later.

4. Orange peel water

Fresh orange peel 30g (if dry orange peel 15g), add 3 cups of water, fry into 2 cups, add a little sugar, drink while hot.

Don’t take medicine, can also effectively treat pregnancy cold, pregnant mother cold no longer need to worry about it! In addition, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the rules of work and rest, proper exercise, improve resistance, so it is not easy to catch a cold!


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