@Qiqi’s mother: I’ve been pregnant for more than three months. My hair is fine before pregnancy. It’s dark and bright. However, after pregnancy, the hair is a lot of ground to drop, Xiao Li complained: “you say, I am endocrine problem?”

@Ruirui’s mother: “I heard that pregnant hair loss, easy to have a boy.”

@Hao Hao’s mother: “is there any basis for this?”

@Ruirui mother: “pregnant women hair loss is mainly caused by excessive androgen in the body, and more androgen childbirth is caused by pregnant boys. You see, when Hu Xinger is pregnant, the hairline is delayed, and the last one is a boy.”

I believe you have heard this saying more than once: it is easy to lose hair when pregnant with a boy

If you look puzzled, the other party will give you a lot of examples: if you don’t believe it, look at the star XXX, and the XXX next door, all confirm this statement.

Check on the Internet, there are indeed many posts to confirm this matter. Is it true that pregnant boys will lose their hair? Is there any scientific basis for such a statement?

Science says: I don’t have evidence to show that it’s easy to lose hair when pregnant with a boy!

▎ pregnancy and hair loss

Is it really because of male babies that pregnant women lose their hair? Seriously, hair loss of pregnant women is not due to the birth of boys, but caused by a variety of factors.

1. Changes of hormone

In the early 3 months of pregnancy, the estrogen level in pregnant mothers increases, and the rate of hair renewal will slow down, which generally will not cause hair loss. While some pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy estrogen level is relatively low, hair renewal speed will be accelerated, resulting in hair loss. However, the general situation of hair loss during pregnancy is normal, pregnant mothers do not have to be too anxious, too much anxiety will aggravate hair loss.

2. High mental pressure

The mental factors of pregnant mothers are also the important reasons for hair loss. If the pregnant mother’s sleep quality is not good during pregnancy and her mood is too high, it is easy to lead to autonomic nerve dysfunction in the body and poor blood supply to the scalp, resulting in serious hair loss.

3. Nutrition imbalance in the body

Some pregnant mothers mistakenly think that tonic is to eat more high protein, high-fat food, during the whole pregnancy diet monotonous, but prone to nutritional imbalance, resulting in insufficient supply of protein, vitamins or minerals in the body, affecting the growth and metabolism of hair.

4. Wrong way to wash hair

The way to wash hair also has a certain impact on hair loss. If you always use your fingernails to scratch your scalp when you wash your hair, if you accidentally scratch the skin, it is easy to cause bacterial infection. When shampoo, shampoo can be used to knead the foam and apply to the hair. Gently massage the scalp with the fingers.

5. Affected by radiation

Radiation from electronic products is also one of the reasons for hair loss. Pregnant mothers who have been using computers and mobile phones for a long time, computer screens and mobile phones have different degrees of radiation, which will weaken the body’s resistance, further affect the skin and hair, and even lead to hair loss.

▎ baby sex

Biology tells us that the birth of boys and girls is mainly determined by the combination of sex chromosomes, more accurately, by the sex chromosomes of men.

The sex chromosome of female is XX and that of male is XY. If the sperm containing X chromosome combines with the egg, the fertilized egg is XX type and develops into a female baby. If the sperm containing Y chromosome combines with the egg and the fertilized egg is XY type, it will develop into a male baby.

Therefore, giving birth to boys and girls depends on whether the fertilized sperm is X-sperm or Y-sperm.

To sum up, the saying that it is easy to lose hair with a boy during pregnancy is not tenable. You pregnant mothers also do not believe such a statement, oh, giving birth to boys and girls are arranged by God, baby health and happiness is the most important drop!


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