Recently, there have been many happy events in the entertainment circle. Xi Mengyao got married to Lin Zhiling, the gambling king’s eldest grandson and the goddess of immortality. When ADA had three children, she finally got a good word. Congratulations to her. After all, the 46 year old mother has been regarded as an old woman, compared with the best age of childbearing mothers, there will be more difficulties.

· definition of elderly mothers

The aged parturient refers to the parturient aged 35 and above at the time of delivery. The golden age of childbearing for women is 25-29. When over 35 years old, women’s reproductive capacity is declining, and their physiological functions are gradually weakened. Women over 40 years old are at high risk.

It’s not easy for old mothers. Some even say they are giving birth with their lives. They do have to face more difficulties than the mothers of the right age.

1. Increased probability of miscarriage and premature birth

Women’s fertility will decline with the growth of age, and their physical skills will also decline, so their physical fitness will also decline, so the probability of miscarriage and premature birth will increase.

2. Delivery is not easy

Due to the influence of age, the uterine contractility of the elderly women will not be so strong, and it is not easy for them to give birth if the uterine opening is not complete. Therefore, most of the elderly women have to choose caesarean section, and the recovery time will be longer.

Age is a fact that cannot be changed, so what should be paid attention to for the elderly mothers?

1. Production inspection must be carried out on time

It’s very important to have a prenatal examination on time. Only by doing it on time can we know the development of the baby in the belly. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the physical signs. If there is any unexplained vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, we must go to the hospital to inform the doctor in time.

2. Pay attention to rest and do not overwork

Pregnancy is easy to make your mother feel tired. Older mothers can’t keep up with their physical strength. They need to pay more attention to rest.

3. Exercise

Walking, swimming or doing some stretching exercises, pregnant women yoga and other relaxed activities can maintain muscle tension, also can promote blood circulation, improve the content of oxygen in the blood, and promote the growth and development of the baby’s brain and body.

4. Adjust your mind and relax

Don’t worry about everything because you are old. Make yourself nervous. Anxiety is not good for the baby. It’s better for the baby’s development to keep a relaxed and happy mood.

If you want to have a baby early or late, I still suggest that you have a healthy baby at the best childbearing age, which is good for adults and babies.


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