Pregnancy, we are not new, is from a girl into a woman must go through the stage. When I was a girl, I thought it was very far away to be pregnant, and even thought it should be a very simple thing to have a life. However, I knew it was not so until I experienced it.

So when a girl learns that she is pregnant, what is her mood? Let’s see what netizens say.

@ Xiaozhao: when I was living with my boyfriend for the first time, I didn’t know that I was pregnant at all. Later, I went to the hospital to check and found out that I was pregnant. At that time, the first reaction was to be afraid. After all, I haven’t been married, and I haven’t even prepared to be a mother at all. After that, I got married with my son. Now my baby has been for several months. It’s worth it to watch the baby.

Kitty’s red wedding dress: it’s been two years since she got pregnant. As long as her holiday doesn’t arrive on time, she will take the pregnancy test paper. After knowing that she was pregnant, she had to be slow for three days, doubted the truth, went to the hospital and found out the result before she dared to tell her family. The whole family is very excited.

@ beautiful girl sailor month: just married that meeting, think two people’s world is not enough, the result is not long pregnant, disrupted a lot of original plans. At that time, I was a little angry. I felt that the child was not coming at the right time, so I had a quarrel with my husband. Later, I thought to let it go. I gave birth to the baby properly and was happy to see the baby grow up. Now that the children are in kindergarten, I am also relaxed a lot.

In the first pregnancy, there are fears, joys and worries, but as long as you pass this barrier and accept the fact that you have become a mother, you will naturally assume the responsibility of “being a mother”. However, this kind of transformation needs a process, from a few days fast to the moment when the child is born.

This stage of experience at the beginning of pregnancy is a dangerous period in the early stage of pregnancy, i.e. 1-3 months of pregnancy. It is easy to have an abortion due to external causes, so it is also the stage of pregnancy protection. How should pregnant mothers adjust their physical and mental states?

1. Appease yourself

The first time pregnant, whether it is afraid of worry, excited anxiety, the first thing to do is to pacify their emotions, let themselves calm down. In the abnormal state of mind, it is particularly easy to cause insomnia, loss of appetite and other phenomena, and too much emotional fluctuation is not conducive to embryonic development.

2. Understand the knowledge of pregnancy

Now that we are ready, it will be a new stage. We should naturally understand the relevant knowledge of pregnancy. We can learn from books and networks to understand our psychological and physical changes at any time and accept our changes.

3. Coordinate work and living arrangements

If you are engaged in the work with high difficulty and high risk, you need to communicate with leaders and make a work adjustment. In daily life, we should also start to pay attention to the normal diet and work and rest to maintain the best state.

4. Don’t forget to check the delivery and follow the doctor’s advice

In the early stage of pregnancy, we must go to the hospital for an examination. There are many friends around me. In the first examination of pregnancy, there is a low level of progesterone and so on. At this time, we should protect the baby according to the doctor’s advice. Don’t miss the baby because of carelessness.

The birth of life is the most mysterious and sacred power that nature gives to women. They have never experienced it and can never experience its delicacy and wonder.


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