It is never easy for a pregnant mother to spend 280 days of pregnancy. It is even more difficult for an elderly pregnant mother. Whether it is psychological or physical, it has to bear more than the young pregnant mother.

How old is a pregnant woman?

Medical provisions: 35 years old primipara for the elderly maternal.

Generally speaking, because the female body after the age of 35 presents a downward trend. In addition, the risk of complications will also increase.

Nowadays, there are more and more elderly pregnant women with second child. Even if they have pregnancy experience, they should pay more attention to the healthy development of Taibao and their own health, whether before or during pregnancy. It is necessary for elderly pregnant women to do the following things.

Before pregnancy:

(1) both husband and wife should have health examination

Pre pregnancy examination is very important for both husband and wife. If the examination results show that it may affect pregnancy, take pre pregnancy treatment as soon as possible.

(2) pay attention to the cultivation of good living habits

First of all, the couple should prepare for pregnancy from the details of life, avoid bad living habits, quit smoking and drinking, do not dye hair, and ensure adequate rest. In the diet intake of high protein, low-fat, mild food. Women should exercise properly even if they are busy. Don’t play, pull on the husband to exercise together, improve physical fitness to ensure the quality of sperm.

(3) oral folic acid 3 months in advance

Folic acid can prevent nervous system development diseases. If you don’t eat in time before pregnancy, you need to continue to supplement after pregnancy until 12 weeks of pregnancy.

During pregnancy:

(1) pay attention to production inspection

Pregnancy examination is very important for the elderly pregnant women, especially for the elderly pregnant women. Regular prenatal examination can understand the various conditions during pregnancy, so we must carry out prenatal examination regularly.

In addition, 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, Down’s screening; after 20 weeks of pregnancy, amniocentesis; more attention should be paid to blood glucose, blood pressure and other indicators during pregnancy.

(2) full rest

After pregnancy, the body is easy to be tired. Elderly pregnant women should not engage in overworked activities or work. It’s best to adjust your life schedule before pregnancy to ensure adequate sleep and regular life.

(3) balanced nutrition

You don’t need to increase your food intake in the early stages of pregnancy, but you should pay attention to folic acid intake. In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the fetus begins to grow rapidly. The elderly pregnant women should supplement protein, iron and calcium properly.

(4) weight control

Elderly pregnant women tend to gain weight during pregnancy and need to control their weight. Moderate weight gain is also one of the important factors to stabilize pregnancy.

After pregnancy, try to control the weight gain within 12-15 kg. Eat less and more meals, light diet, shorten the interval between meals.

(5) moderate exercise

Generally speaking, it is still necessary to carry out moderate exercise during pregnancy to maintain physical strength and muscle strength, which is conducive to the progress of labor process. However, it should be noted that the intensity of exercise should not be too high, and the elderly pregnant women should correctly measure their physical strength. Usually do not exercise habits of the elderly pregnant mother, do not rush, from a walk after dinner to let the body gradually adapt.

(6) health habits

After pregnancy, secretions will also increase, especially at this time to pay attention to personal hygiene habits, so as not to increase the chance of suffering from urinary tract infection. At this time, you should choose cotton breathable underpants; when the amount of secretions is large, you can use pads, but you must change them frequently; and avoid excessive cleaning.

Elderly pregnant women need not be too nervous, actively cooperate with doctors, and do a good job in prenatal examination, maintain good habits, pay attention to nutrition intake and daily exercise. I believe you can pass through the pregnancy smoothly and welcome a new life.


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