After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is affected by the early pregnancy reaction and gastrointestinal function weakening, and is prone to anorexia, partial diet and pregnancy vomiting. The appetite is not good, and most of the food are not interested in, but for the development and health of the fetus, pregnant mothers have to actively eat something.

So, what can you eat to make your mother’s appetite better?

Pregnant mothers can improve their diet during pregnancy by adjusting their dietary habits. For example:

1. Eat less and eat more

Eat less when you don’t want to eat. You can appropriately increase the number of meals and add a few snacks between the three meals. This can prevent the pregnant mother from being too hungry, and can avoid abdominal distension and nausea.

2. Choose good digestion, easy to absorb food, or bright color, easy to induce people’s appetite

For example, toast, biscuits, rice or millet porridge, etc., can help reduce pregnancy vomiting. Tomato, cucumber, pepper, fresh Lentinus edodes, fresh Pleurotus ostreatus, apple, orange and so on can improve appetite.

3. Change cooking methods to prevent nutrient loss

If you do not cut after washing vegetables, pickles, do not use hot water Taomi, vegetables with a quick fire stir fry.

4. Choose the food the pregnant mother likes

In the early stage of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers have poor appetite. They can choose different ingredients and cooking methods to process food according to their conditions and preferences. For example, pregnant mothers who like spicy food can add some chili when cooking. Compared with the amount of food eaten by the expectant mother, the quality of the food eaten by the expectant mother is more important.

At ordinary times, you can choose some sweet and sour food, such as dried fruit nuts, yogurt, fresh fruits, etc., and you can also eat some cold dishes or add some vinegar to flavor when cooking. The fresh and non greasy food can enhance the appetite.

Two homemade delicacies to enhance pregnant mother’s appetite

If the pregnant mother has poor appetite, she can also make some delicious food according to her own taste, which is helpful to improve her appetite and supplement nutrition.

Fried cowpea with lily and color pepper

Cowpea contains calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and other minerals, especially rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal digestion and improve appetite. The color of this dish is very bright!

Ingredients: 150g cowpea, 30g fresh lily, 40g color pepper, 1tsp oil, 1tsp salt


Step 1: wash the ingredients, slice the lily and blanch it with boiling water;

Step 2: cut cowpea into small pieces;

Step 3: remove the stem and seed of the pepper and cut it into shreds;

Step 4: in a hot oil pan, stir fry cowpea segment, Lily slice and color pepper shreds together;

Step 5: add salt after all the ingredients are cut off. Stir fry evenly, then out of the pot.

Cooking tip: this dish uses fresh lilies. If you use dry lilies, you need to soak them in advance.

Lotus root slices with lily and orange juice

Lotus root exudes a unique fragrance, also contains tannin, has a certain spleen and diarrhea effect, can increase appetite, promote digestion, appetizer healthy.

Food preparation: lotus root 1 section, Lily 10g, Lycium barbarum, rock sugar, white sugar, honey, water.


Step 1: peel the lotus root and cut it into thin slices. Mix the orange juice with material a (orange juice powder, appropriate amount of sugar and cold boiled water), and put it into lotus root slices to soak for several hours to taste;

Step 2: soak wolfberry for about 10 minutes;.

Step 3: take a small bowl and add material B (appropriate amount of rock sugar, appropriate amount of honey and cold boiled water) to make ice sugar water;

Step 4: peel and wash lily, blanch in boiling water for dozens of seconds;

Step 5: remove and soak in rock sugar water for several hours to taste;

Step 6: cold storage taste better yo, dip into the taste of all the ingredients can be placed on the plate.

Cooking tips:

1. Cut lotus root slices as thin as possible. Soak lotus root slices for at least 1 hour, preferably more than half a day.

2. Lotus root can be eaten raw. It tastes crispy. Of course, it can be eaten with boiling water in the aisle.


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