In winter, when the climate is dry, the pregnant mother’s skin is prone to lack of water. Only by replenishing the water in time can the skin keep tender and smooth. Especially the three key parts – face, lips, hands, if water is scarce, but it is easy to be found oh! uuuuuuuuuuu How to replenishment? Different parts have different methods of water replenishment. In view of the special period of pregnancy, I would like to introduce some safe and effective methods of water replenishment.

_Key part 1: Face

How important is it to rehydrate your face in winter, and you don’t need to talk too much. How to replenish water healthily and effectively during pregnancy, we must say a few more words. As for whether we can be a beautiful pregnant mother, it depends on you! uuuuuuuuuu In addition, in the choice of skin care products, it is recommended to choose special skin care products for pregnant women, which are safer and more reassuring.

Moisturizing spray: if your mother is still at work, moisturizing water, essence, lotion and cream must not be less before going out every day. In addition, I suggest that the pregnant mother of the office can prepare a bottle of moisturizing spray which is convenient for him to carry out. When the skin feels very dry, it can be sprayed out.

Paper mask moisturizing water: every morning and evening after cleansing, many pregnant mothers have the habit of moisturizing water, and use a cotton pad to dip the appropriate moisturizing water to wipe the face. In fact, put the moisturizing water on the paper mask and apply it to the face, then remove it after 10 minutes, so that it can add more moisture to the skin.

Bathroom steam face: if your mother is too tired of making paper mask, buy the mask directly. Some pregnant mothers may also feel too cold to apply the mask in winter, so you may use warm water to soak the mask first, then apply it to your face. You can also apply the mask in the bathroom and bathe, so that the curling heat will help you dispel the chill. Without the sense of cold, facial skin is easier to relax, pore is easier to open, plus the steam in the bathroom, the effect of water supplement bar drops!

_Key part 2: lips

The North blows, the snow floats… Oh, no snowflakes can be seen in Guangdong, but a gust of cold wind in winter is enough to dry your lips. Lip balm is used to moisturize lips, but lip balm is used by ordinary people, but the lip balm sold on the market really makes pregnant women feel uneasy.

Vitamin E: Natural vitamin E is also excellent for lip moisturizing. Pregnant mothers can go to the pharmacy to buy a box and choose the cheaper one. It’s safe and effective to wipe every day.

Olive oil: if you are worried that lip balm is not safe, you can also use olive oil to moisten your lips. At home, you can apply olive oil so that your lips don’t crack.

Honey: honey has the effect of moisturizing and rejuvenation. It is very suitable for moisturizing and protecting lips. Therefore, many Lip Balm will also attract people with honey ingredients. When the lips feel dry, you can apply a thin layer of honey and keep it for 20 minutes.

_Key parts 3: hands

The hand is the second face of a woman, and its exposure is very high. Hands exposed to dry and cold air for a long time can easily become rough and cracked. Don’t neglect your hands when you replenish water in winter.

Milk Guard: After drinking milk or yogurt, don’t throw away the bottle immediately. Put the remaining milk on your hands. After about 15 minutes, wash your hands with warm water. You will find that your hands become tender and smooth.

Egg Protector: Take an egg white, add appropriate amount of milk and honey, blend evenly and apply it on your hand, wash your hands in about 15 minutes, then apply hand cream. Do it once a week and stick to it for a long time. You will find your hands as smooth, white and elastic as shelled eggs.

Taomi Water Protector: When cooking, keep the water. Soak your hands in Taomi Water for 10 minutes before going to bed. Then wash and dry them with warm water and apply hand cream. Persisting in washing hands with rice washing water will have unexpected effects.

If you want to be a beautiful pregnant mother, don’t be lazy. In winter, you should supply water to three key parts to keep your skin tender and beautiful.


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