“The first three months of pregnancy can not be said” seems to be a widespread custom, many stars have just conceived silently. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the early pregnancy indicators of expectant mothers are not stable, prone to miscarriage, inattention, the joy of pregnancy will become a void. Generally in March of pregnancy, the baby will camp in the womb of the mother-to-be, and the mother-to-be through the maternity check-up to their own “mother’s manual”, you can rest assured that the good news.

However, it is not like telling a doctor not to announce the happy news of pregnancy to the people around him. There are many variables in the early stage of pregnancy. It is very dangerous for mothers to not do birth control. If pregnant expectant mothers find that menstrual period has passed but no tide, it is best to have their own pregnancy, or go directly to the gynecology and obstetrics examination, do not wait until three months to receive maternity examination. Understanding the monthly changes in yourself and your baby will enable expectant mothers to enter the second trimester of pregnancy smoothly with their baby.

1: in the first 1 months of pregnancy, self-examination revealed early pregnancy.

Early pregnancy 3 months, can be said to be the baby in the mother-to-be stomach “foundation, building a house” period. During the first month of pregnancy, most mothers-to-be have no symptoms, while some mothers-to-be have symptoms similar to a cold. The uterus of the expectant mother at this time is about the size of an egg, and the baby has not yet formed. Expectant mothers should be careful to observe their physical condition and not to take any medicine.

Expectant mothers should know that 17 to 30 days of early pregnancy is a critical period of fetal neural tube development, folic acid supplementation is best from the time of preparation, so as to effectively prevent neural tube deformities of fetal babies. Expectant mothers should pay attention to reasonable diet, proper exercise, such as walking or gymnastics for pregnant women, and to quit smoking, alcohol and coffee.

2: pregnant February, a good attitude to meet the early pregnancy reaction

In February, fetal babies enter the stage of organ formation. This is the most critical moment for embryonic development. From fifth weeks, the baby has already sprouted its hands, feet and tail. By the eighth week, the baby is developing very quickly, and the height can be increased by 1 millimeter per day, and lasts for about 20 weeks. Ultrasound can clearly hear the heartbeat.

Expectant mothers will find their breasts enlarged and waist circumference also increased. This is because the uterus begins to expand and expand, and at the same time it will oppress the bladder, causing the embarrassment of the expectant mother’s frequent micturition. The increase in hormone secretion can also lead to emotional problems such as emotional agitation, pigmentation and other skin problems. Some expectant mothers will have abdominal pain for the first time. Most expectant mothers will have headache, abdominal distention, nausea, morning vomiting, sleepiness and other early pregnancy reactions.

This stage is the critical period of embryonic development of the Echinocleft. If the emotional fluctuation of the prospective mother is too large, affecting the embryo will easily lead to Echinocleft or cleft lip. So expectant mothers should pay attention to adjust their emotions, even if the early pregnancy reaction is strong, but also to try to calm the mood, pay attention to a reasonable diet, to provide adequate nutrition for the baby.

3: pregnant March, ready to enjoy the pregnancy!

By the ninth week, the baby is truly a fetus, but the activity of the baby is not intense, and it is difficult for the expectant mother to feel the movement for the time being. In the third month of pregnancy, the expectant mother receives the first systematic antenatal examination, establishes a health care card, obtains the “mother’s manual” and begins regular maternity tests as directed by the doctor.

At this time the baby’s tail completely disappeared, a number of organs and central nervous system, digestive system and other start to develop and more developed, but the bone and joints are still developing. The expectant mother’s abdomen has no obvious uplift, but the body will have many reactions. For example, expectant mothers often find themselves needing to go to the toilet, frequent urination and frequent urination. At this time, do not deliberately do not drink water or hold back urine, so as not to cause urinary tract infection. At the same time, due to pelvic congestion, lutein continued to exuberant secretion, pelvic visceral blood accumulation, congestion and congestion will occur, expectant mothers will find more vaginal secretions than usual. In addition, due to hormone effects, expectant mothers will feel breast pain, and areola and nipple pigmentation, pigmentation.

The good news is that most mothers-to-be have less of a reaction to pregnancy, more appetite, and a happier pregnancy.


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