Spring rain, humid air, easy to breed bacteria, the elderly, children, pregnant women have a weak resistance, in the spring flu high incidence period easy to recruit. And the pregnant women’s situation is more special, sick can not take medicine casually, or it may affect the fetus. At this time pregnant mothers should learn to take care of themselves, if someone at home has a cold, pregnant mothers should do a good job of protection, try not to directly contact patients. Of course, even if no one at home is caught a cold can not be careless, do a good job of their own prevention, try not to catch a cold sick, this is the best protection for the baby in the belly.


Once people find a cold in their home, they must take protective measures.

1, pay attention to the use of towels, clothing, bedding and so on and so on. Because there are cold viruses on these items, if not disinfected, these residual cold viruses are enough to make pregnant mothers infected with influenza.

2, pregnant Mommy should pay attention to isolation, try to temporarily stay away from cold personnel. In addition, pay attention to regular window ventilation, reduce the concentration of viruses in the air, even in winter should pay attention to indoor ventilation.

3, disinfect the room with vinegar. Acetic acid can be sterilized and sterilized at a certain concentration, but it needs to be repeated for a long time. Therefore, pregnant mothers can go outdoors, the door and window closed with vinegar fumigation, and then ventilation, to ensure that the home is fresh air.

4, if mummy has to contact with patients, be sure to wear a mask. After that, you should wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer and put on clean clothes.

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1, at home: body heat is the key, pay attention to indoor temperature and humidity.

Body cold can lead to poor blood circulation, resulting in weakened body resistance, and the virus invaded by chance. Pregnant mothers in daily life must pay attention to the body’s warmth, go out to cover tightly, at home can not be careless, rest can be put on a shawl or a small blanket on the knee, to ensure that the body is warm, from the cold.

In addition, if the indoor temperature and humidity is low, the body will feel cold, dry nasal mucosa, it increases the risk of colds, pregnant mothers should pay attention to creating a suitable home environment for themselves, winter indoor temperature is best in 18-20 degrees C, relative humidity maintained in 50-60%. Households with heating or air conditioning will be drier, humidifiers can be used to increase ambient humidity, and every morning and evening do not forget to open the windows to let fresh air flow through the room.

2, go out: wear masks, gloves, preventive measures first.

Influenza viruses are mostly transmitted through the air. Pregnant mothers wear masks and gloves on the way to work, on the bus or in other public places to avoid direct contact with the cold virus. If you need to touch your nose or eyes, do not use your hands directly. You’d better use disposable tissue.

3, go out to home: wash your hands first, gargle again, clean, hygienic and cold.

The first thing a pregnant mother should do when she goes out and comes home is to wash her hands and mouthwash. It’s best to wash her mouth with light brine, which not only ensures the moisturity of her mouth, but also has a certain bactericidal effect. Experts believe that the most important way to prevent colds is to wash their hands and wash their hands with flowing water.


1, look at the severity of a cold and decide whether to use it.

It depends on the symptoms of a cold. If it is a common cold, and in the early stage of the cold, but some slight cough, sore throat, you can not use drugs, take some physical therapy to alleviate, and pay attention to rest, drink more water.

But if a pregnant mother gets the flu and has a high fever, rest and water alone is not enough. Physical methods can be used to reduce the fever, if the fever is still high, must be as soon as possible to the hospital, and must inform the doctor of their pregnancy (weeks of pregnancy, etc.), and according to the doctor’s orders to use antiviral drugs for treatment.

2, a cold, pregnant mummy should drink plenty of water.

Whether common cold or flu, fever or even high fever are the most common symptoms. If mummy does not replenish water in time, it may cause dehydration and aggravate the burden of heart and kidneys. If you don’t like white water, you can add some light salt water or oral rehydration salts. In addition, rice soup, honey water, apple juice, as long as it can make up water is no harm.

3, a cold, pregnant Mommy feet with hot water

In the battle against the cold virus in winter, pregnant mothers can also choose a very comfortable way to soak their feet. There are meridians on the feet that connect all parts of the body. They are the second heart of the body. Therefore, when the feet are warm, the body is naturally warm. When soaking feet, you should also pay attention to the water temperature, not too hot, also do not soak for too long, soak 15-20 minutes.

Although the season of influenza is high in spring, pregnant Mommy shouldn’t worry too much. Take precautions and pay more attention to the details of your life, and the flu will not find you.


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