Many mothers-to-be chat with doctors when they go to the hospital for maternity check-ups, but sometimes they don’t speak right and may turn into embarrassing chats. The following five sentences will make the doctor very embarrassed. I don’t know. Did the expectant mother say that?

Doctor Shui, you whispered to me, is the baby a man or a woman?

Legally, fetal sex determination for non-medical needs is prohibited. Although the social awareness of male preference is gradually weakening, but parents are curious about the characteristics of the baby’s gender has not changed, so many mothers-to-be want to know the baby’s gender from the doctor’s “stereotype” during the maternity examination.

Doctors are depressed by all kinds of routines, such as “baby’s clothes are powder or blue”, “Need another room be prepared” and so on. As a doctor, the responsibility is to help expectant mothers check the health of their babies. As for gender, the law really does not allow disclosure, so routine doctors are also very good.

> Tips:

It’s not the most important thing for a baby to be a man or a woman. What’s important is that the baby is healthy and healthy.

Isn’t that true? I think that’s what I say on the internet! __________

Some expectant mothers are always “self-righteous”. They see the parenting knowledge from the articles published on the friends circle and the internet, and do not distinguish their scientific nature from the correct one.

When they got to the hospital for examination, they questioned the results of the doctor’s examination and threw their opinions on the Internet to the doctor. Because the sources of online statements are not clear, not necessarily reliable, it is very likely to be misled. Since the expectant mother came to the hospital, trust the doctor!

> Tips:

Expectant mothers can learn more about pregnancy knowledge during pregnancy. It is suggested to learn more about pregnancy knowledge from professional ways, such as baby-rearing books, expert lectures and doctor’s clinic.

How about your child? Surely no problem?

Mothers-to-be are concerned about the health of their babies. However, some expectant mothers tend to be too nervous. One or two data deviate from the standard value a little. The expectant mothers are very worried. They often ask the doctor, “How is my child? Is it really okay”, “If there is a problem, who will be responsible” and so on.

> Tips:

Doctors are very helpless! As a doctor, of course, you also want your baby to be healthy and healthy. If the child really has problems, the doctor will tell you at the first time. If not, the expectant mother should not worry too much and do not have to keep asking. If you are worried about the baby’s health, expectant mothers should always pay attention to the baby and their own body, if there are abnormal timely medical treatment.

XXX is as sick as I am. Her children are all right.

There is also a class of expectant mothers in the clinic, who always like to compare themselves with others, hoping to draw the same conclusions as others. However, different people’s physical conditions are different and can not be generalized.

For example, A expectant mother is hyperglycemic, but the child is born normal; B expectant mother is hyperglycemic, see A expectant mother’s children are normal, think their children born with hyperglycemia is normal, so regardless of the doctor’s advice diet is confused, often eventually lead to big mistakes.

> Tips:

The mother-to-be’s own situation should be specifically analyzed by the doctor and not applied to herself by other people’s situation. Now that you have a doctor, listen to the doctor’s advice.

Doctor Yu, add a Wechat to connect with each other.

After the maternity check-up, there are such expectant mothers who ask their doctor for contact information and hope to consult the doctor from time to time when they return home. Although the starting point of the expectant mother is not wrong, the doctor is busier than we thought, and he does not necessarily have time to watch his cell phone while on duty. Moreover, it is very difficult for doctors to get personal contact information.

Some words stipulate that doctors can’t speak; some things, hope that expectant mothers can abide by. Although doctors don’t tell expectant mothers some sensitive information, they also hope that expectant mothers and babies will be healthy. When expectant mothers go to the maternity examination later, they should not touch on sensitive topics.


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