The weather is changeable recently. It’s even lower in summer than in winter. The temperature changes a lot. I caught a cold by accident. For ordinary people, it’s good to take some medicine when they have a cold, but for mothers who want to breastfeed, it’s going to take a headache for a while.

“My baby is only 4 months old, still drinking breast milk, but I have a cold. Will breast-feeding at this time transmit the disease to the baby through breast milk? Do you want to stop breastfeeding for a while? Can you take the medicine? Will the medicine enter into the blood and affect breast milk

“I didn’t take medicine when I had a cold, but my mother-in-law didn’t let my child have breast milk, for fear that I would pass on the cold to the child…”

“After I had a fever and took some medicine, the elders at home asked me not to breast milk, for fear that the medicine would affect breast milk and the baby would not eat well…”

There are also many problems that mothers pay special attention to when feeding their babies. Among them, many mothers fall into the misunderstanding that they can no longer feed their babies when they are sick and have a cold!

The common cold can be fed!

Breastfeeding mothers do not dare to nurse after a cold, mainly worried about the cold will be transmitted to the baby.

The cold is not transmitted through breastfeeding, but through droplets or particles produced when a patient coughs or sneezes. In fact, after a mother catches a cold, she is in close contact with her baby. Even if she does not nurse, she is likely to pass the cold on to her baby.

If the mother insists on breastfeeding at this time, the antibody produced in the mother’s body will be transmitted to the baby through the milk. But the baby has the mother’s antibody, on the contrary, it is not easy to catch cold. Even if you have a cold, it won’t be too serious.

Therefore, the mother with cold and fever should insist on breastfeeding when her physical condition and energy allow. But we must wash our hands and wear masks frequently, do a good job of comprehensive prevention, and avoid kissing children and direct respiratory infection, so as to better prevent cold infection.

Lactation cold has a fever, can you nurse after taking medicine?

Breast milk is the best food for babies. Mothers can’t bear that babies don’t have milk to eat, so even if they are ill, they would rather carry it without taking medicine. In fact, it’s really unnecessary! When you are ill, you have to take the medicine!

The cold during lactation, if it is a viral cold, usually can cure itself in a week or so, usually does not need to use antiviral drugs, if accompanied by fever symptoms, the mother can choose the safe anti fever drug during lactation, ibuprofen or paracetamol (Tylenol). In the case of a bacterial cold, antibiotics may be required.

No matter what kind of treatment, it is necessary to use the safe drugs during lactation under the guidance of doctors, which will not affect the feeding generally. Therefore, there is no need to fight hard when the nursing mother is sick!

Most of the drugs are difficult to enter into breast milk, even if it is extremely small, mother need not worry. If the mother is really worried that feeding milk after taking medicine will affect the baby’s health, then she can choose to take medicine two hours before breast-feeding, or take medicine after the baby falls asleep. When she is feeding again, the medicine is basically metabolized.

Lactation mother day and night to take care of the baby, their own lack of rest, so it is easy to get sick. If the breast-feeding mother accidentally catches a cold, then she must ensure that she has more time to rest, so as to speed up the recovery of her body!

In addition, breast milk mother cold, fever, do not take all kinds of cold medicine. If you need to take medicine, you should also, under the guidance of your doctor, try to choose drugs that are safe for your baby.

If the breast-feeding mother is worried about being disturbed by the flu in the season of high incidence of flu, she may as well get the flu vaccine in advance, which can effectively protect her mother and baby from the cold interference.


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