Winter comes and waves of cold air follow. In this cold season, pregnant mothers should take good measures to protect themselves and their babies. Winter is cold, but it is also a good time to warm up, a bowl of warm porridge to drink, to drive away the cold all over, the following for pregnant mothers recommend four warm porridge products, both nutrition and warmth.

_stomach tonic porridge

Warm food is the most direct way to warm the stomach. Drinking a bowl of hot porridge is of great benefit to gastrointestinal function. In cold winter, pregnant mothers have to eat some warm food to protect themselves and their babies from cold attack. Warm stomach food not only helps pregnant mothers to resist cold, but also helps to nourish their health and blood, so that pregnant mothers in winter to develop good looks, good health.

Winter stomach tonic porridge recommendation: fish fillet porridge

Grass carp meat is tender but not greasy, and can be appetizing and nourishing for people who are thin and lack of appetite. Grass carp is rich in selenium. It is often eaten and has anti-aging and beauty effects.

Ingredients: Fish fillet, rice, sesame oil, salt, ginger, onion, coriander

Practice: add water to casserole, boil over high heat, boil clean rice into porridge; add fish fillets and ginger when porridge is boiled; add salt, sesame oil, scallion and coriander after boiling.

_blood tonic porridge

In winter, some pregnant mothers will have cold hands and feet, which may be due to insufficient blood. Iron is helpful for hematopoiesis. For pregnant women, adequate iron supplementation can supplement blood, and iron supplementation can also supplement food.

Winter blood-tonifying porridge recommendation: pork liver porridge

Porcine liver is rich in iron, which is a good blood tonic. Porcine liver can regulate and improve the physiological function of hematopoietic system in anemia patients. In addition, pig liver is rich in protein, lecithin and trace elements, which is conducive to the intellectual development of the fetus.

Materials: Rice, pork liver, peanut oil, salt, rice wine, starch, ginger and onion

Practice: Wash pork liver clean, slice it into a bowl, add starch, onion, ginger powder, cooking wine and a little salt, mix evenly and marinate it for reserve; wash rice clean, put it in a pot, add water to boil, change to a small fire and boil it for about 30 minutes; heat oil in a frying pan, add pork liver slices, stir-fry for about 1 minute until pork liver is half-cooked; put pork liver in a boiled porridge, over high heat Boil until pork liver is thoroughly cooked and seasoned with salt.

_calcium porridge

With the growth and development of the fetus, the demand for calcium will also increase. If the mother’s intake of calcium is insufficient, the baby will be prone to calcium deficiency, and the probability of rickets will increase at birth. In winter, calcium supplement, in addition to more sun, you can also start from the diet, to a calcium porridge, both calcium supplement and warm up.

Recommendation for winter calcium porridge: fresh shrimp porridge

Fresh shrimp porridge is smooth and greasy, can supplement calcium and phosphorus elements, improve human immunity. At the same time, shrimps are also an important source of high-quality protein, which is very suitable for pregnant mothers.

Materials: Rice, fresh shrimp, onion, ginger, salt, fragrant oil

Practice: Rinse fresh shrimp, put rice in the pot, add water, boil over high heat, turn to low heat for about 30 minutes; cook fresh shrimp and ginger in porridge, add salt and fragrant oil, and sprinkle onions according to personal preferences.

_Folic acid porridge

Women need folic acid supplementation in the first three months of pregnancy and in the first three months of pregnancy to prevent the occurrence of fetal neural tube malformation. Therefore, in the early pregnancy of pregnant mothers, in addition to taking a prescribed dose of folic acid every day, can eat more folic acid-rich foods to help supplement folic acid.

Winter folic acid porridge recommendation: spinach beef porridge

Spinach is a common vegetable, but it has a great effect on pregnant women. It can not only help pregnant mothers to supplement iron, but also folic acid.

Materials: Rice, beef, spinach, salt, cooking oil, onion, starch

Practice: Rinse the rice, add water, and boil over low heat for about 30 minutes; cut or chop the beef, add a little starch and salt, marinate for 5 minutes; wash and chop the spinach; pour the prepared beef and spinach into the porridge, add salt and edible oil to season after boiling.


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