As a pregnant mother in the workplace, she often loses the opportunity to exercise because of her busy work. In fact, when a pregnant mother is on her way to work, she can also do some simple exercises to relax her body. As long as the actions and methods are appropriate, you can also enjoy commuting time.

▎ walkers

Baoma, who is close to the company at home, might as well take the way of walking. For example, she can avoid the rush hour in the morning and walk to the company by herself. She can not only exercise, but also avoid the crowd. It can kill two birds with one stone. It is worth noting that it is better to act according to one’s ability without harming one’s body.

[warm reminder]

   ✔ Wear comfortable shoes

Pregnant women are very particular about wearing shoes. The size of shoes depends on the length of their feet, which is about 10 mm more than the length of their feet. It’s more comfortable to choose shoes with round head, wide fatness and soft upper material, so it’s easy to walk.

   ✔ Walking posture

In the second trimester of pregnancy, we should walk carefully, slowly, steadily, not in a hurry, and be careful not to have the umbilical cord around the neck. Pay attention to the pelvis slightly forward, lift the upper body, shoulder slightly backward, lower palate introverted, chest straight, buttocks, abdomen prominent, in order to maintain the balance of the whole body.

   ✔ I want to have breakfast

You should have breakfast before going out in the morning. If you don’t have breakfast, you will feel weak, even faint due to hypoglycemia, which is very dangerous. Therefore, pregnant mother should eat breakfast before going out to supplement energy.

▎ drivers

Some expectant mothers drive to work by themselves. In this case, they can only slightly move their neck, or gently massage the stiff muscles of neck and shoulder while waiting for the red light. Pay attention to observe the duration of the red light before the activity to avoid accidents.

✘ don’t wear high heels

Get to the point! You can’t drive in high heels! High heeled shoes not only aim at the feet that are swollen when mother is pregnant and cause injury, but also encounter some bad road conditions on the way to drive, so it is difficult for high-heeled shoes to brake properly, which is very dangerous.

✘ air conditioning temperature should not be too low

It’s too hot in summer. Many people like to close the windows tightly and turn on the air conditioner fiercely, which is not conducive for expectant mothers to breathe fresh air. Moreover, the temperature difference inside and outside the car is easy to cause discomfort and even heatstroke.

✘ don’t let your hair down

Some expectant mothers pay more attention to the image, a hair shawl is really good-looking, but it is also very dangerous, because the line of sight is easily blocked by the hair, causing a certain degree of security risks, so expectant mothers should tie up their hair when driving.

▎ public transport

If you are taking a bus or subway, the mother to be without a seat should hold on firmly and pay attention to safety. When the car is running smoothly, you can simply move your head, neck, knee, ankle and other joints, or do some turning and stretching exercises in a small range.

[warm reminder]

   ✔ Avoid rush hour

The bus system is very crowded in the rush hour. Pregnant women’s big belly is easy to be squeezed and hurt their baby, so it’s better to avoid the rush hour. If you really can’t avoid it, you should go out ahead of time. If you can’t get on the bus, don’t rush to get on.

   ✔ Ask for a seat

As a pregnant mother, you don’t have to be embarrassed to offer your seat to others. In the second trimester of pregnancy, when the belly is not particularly obvious, you can wear more pregnant clothes, which will give people a hint that you are pregnant, and the probability of being offered your seat will be increased.

   ✔ Select front position

Pregnant women should choose the front or rear position of the car, so that the air is more circulating, and can try to avoid the injury caused by bumping and bumping. Another important point is that when you arrive at the station, you must wait until the bus stops completely before you get off.


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