After pregnancy, some women quit their jobs because of having a baby or other reasons. They stay at home and do nothing every day. Their life is very boring. Once a person is idle and idle, his mood is easy to be depressed and he is also prone to fantasy. Long pregnancy is too boring. How does a pregnant mother spend her time?

_First trick: planting cauliflower

Planting some flowers at home during pregnancy can not only bring more vitality to the family, but also kill the boring time during pregnancy. Planting flowers can make people more calm, more patient and softer. It is not a day’s work to grow and grow flowers. If you want the flowers to blossom brilliantly, you need to take care of them carefully and water and fertilize them regularly. Different varieties of flowers make it difficult to maintain them.

If a pregnant woman lacks experience in flower cultivation, start with a viable variety and accumulate some experience before challenging a more difficult variety.

If your balcony is big enough, you can also grow some cabbage, onions, garlic and so on. It’s also a pleasure for your family to eat the dishes you grow yourself. Of course, if you don’t want to play these muddy jobs, you can also practice flower arranging, buy some flowers to go home and play with them by yourself, which can not only kill time, but also cultivate sentiment.

_Second trick: cooking delicacies

Pregnancy is long, although mothers in the first few months are sensitive to many tastes. But in the second trimester, you might as well make delicious food to pass the time. Although cooking requires talent, as long as you try, you can always make your own food. If you can’t do it, ask Du Niang. She will teach you how to prepare the materials, and then step by step teach you how to do it.

Upgraded the cooking skills, not only can they eat delicious food, but also the baby will have a good taste in the future. If you want to pass the time, try a dish you don’t usually eat or join the baking team.

_Third trick: watch variety shows

Variety shows are now available in a wide variety of categories, such as music, food, tourism and so on. Pregnant mothers choose variety shows for entertainment. They should pick up some elements of relaxation and amusement to make themselves laugh more and release pressure.

Pregnant mothers who like to chase love dramas should exercise a little restraint. Those sad dramas that love death and live, deceive your tears every minute, you will inevitably follow the sad feeling. You know, it’s not good for the fetus to cry so sadly during pregnancy.

_Fourth trick: Handicraft

Handicraft is a very time-consuming and focused thing, and it’s a good way to pass the time. At the same time, making handicraft can also cultivate your patience and creativity, which is also beneficial to prenatal education. For pregnant mothers, it is very meaningful to knit a sweater, hook a pair of shoes and make a few small toys for their babies. In the process of DIY, pregnant mothers can also enter the role of mothers faster. Pregnant mothers can also use spare goods or waste at home to make small ornaments, to give the family some fun.

If you don’t think you have strong creativity, it doesn’t matter. There are many hand-made materials or semi-finished products on a treasure, such as DIY small house, hairpins, pendants, etc. Just follow the video or step diagram.

_Fifth trick: Find the “same kind”

Pregnant mothers will have more topics to talk about and understand each other’s bitterness better. If you feel lonely and bored during pregnancy, join a group of mothers, such as a community registering mothers and babies or a group of pregnant women. On weekdays, we can exchange experiences or share life with pregnant mothers online. Occasionally, we can also engage in off-line activities, go out and walk more, and contact more with the outside world, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers.


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