Women are pregnant, just as Lin Daiyu went into Jiafu’s house, “Be careful everywhere, always care about it.” Especially pregnant mothers who are pregnant with their first child, because of lack of experience, in the face of the unknown, they feel more nervous. Pregnant mothers need to understand the truth that “extreme things will turn against each other”. Pregnancy is just a little baby in the stomach. That’s a lucky baby. You’re not seriously ill. You don’t have to be too nervous. Pregnant mothers should learn to relax themselves and maintain a good mentality, which is more conducive to the growth of the fetus oh!

There are three main reasons why pregnancy is too stressful

In fact, can pregnant women eat? Can we do it? No more, only more! Looking at the search results in the browser, you will find that all you worry about is a grain of sand in the desert. But why are you so anxious and nervous?

Inevitably nervous during the first pregnancy

Living in a two-person world, I was suddenly told that a baby was about to join, and many pregnant mothers were both excited and nervous. During the first pregnancy, the pregnant mother is full of curiosity and expectation about everything. At the same time, she may feel uncomfortable with all kinds of changes. It is even difficult to accept them for a while. It is inevitable that tension will arise.

Too nervous about babies

I dare not eat or do it, in the final analysis, because I worry too much about the baby in my stomach will be hurt. Especially pregnant mothers who have experienced all kinds of difficulties and efforts are more concerned about their babies. Any wind and grass will tighten the nerves of pregnant mothers. Even if there are some traditional bad habits, such as pregnant women can not use scissors, pregnant women can not nail the room, pregnant women can not hold their children, pregnant women can not tell others in the first three months of pregnancy… They would rather believe in it than avoid it.

Misleading of Network Information

Today is an era of internet, through computers and mobile phones, people can get a lot of information. Pregnant mothers pay special attention to the knowledge of mothers and babies, but a lot of information on the Internet is messy, and the authenticity and correctness need to be verified. If a pregnant mother can’t make a correct judgment, she will easily be misled by the wrong information and even fall into panic. Every day, she worries about the baby in her stomach and scares herself half to death.

Three steps to make pregnancy easier and more comfortable

What are the real and false contraindications during pregnancy? In fact, this is not absolute, everyone’s situation is different, the same thing in different pregnant women, there will be different reactions. Pregnant mothers should maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude, through the following three steps, so that pregnancy is more relaxed and comfortable.

First of all, tight strings are easy to break. Learn to relax.

Whether or not a pregnant woman can eat or do something during pregnancy is not very true about these issues. To learn to relax, just pregnant, pregnant women are not so pretentious, need not be too nervous. Keep in mind that tight strings are easy to break. When you are pregnant, relax yourself as much as possible and enjoy the wonderful pregnancy.

Secondly, the network information is too miscellaneous, we should learn to choose.

There is so much miscellaneous information on the Internet that pregnant mothers should learn to choose and abandon traditional bad habits. It is suggested to read more authoritative maternal and infant magazines and books. After all, publications are strictly audited, and there will be no major mistakes. Read more books on pregnancy and childcare, so that you can cope with emergencies correctly. You can also browse the Mother and Child Forum and exchange learning with some experienced mothers.

Again, gather the questions during pregnancy and ask the doctor during the obstetric examination.

After pregnancy, the number of maternity examinations is generally no less than 10 times, usually encounter problems can be recorded in the mobile phone memo or book, when going to the hospital for maternity examinations, take out a unified question to the doctor, the doctor will give you reasonable advice according to your personal physical condition, which is much better than thinking and fearing.

Pregnant women are not patients, and the food eaten by ordinary people is edible, but pregnant women have different constitutions, and more attention should be paid to the control of quantity. If you’re worried about what’s wrong with your meal, bear with it and try not to eat it! uuuuuuuuuuu If you’re worried about what you’re doing that will affect your baby, try not to do it, so you don’t have to struggle. Pregnant mothers have fewer worries, which is better for their babies! uuuuuuuuuu


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