Most expectant mothers are prone to change their taste during pregnancy. For example, some mothers to be can’t eat spicy food before pregnancy, but they like spicy food after pregnancy. Some people don’t like acid food at ordinary times, but they will not refuse acidic food after pregnancy. Such changes are caused by hormone changes in pregnant women.

In fact, pregnant women love acid food, because after pregnancy, the chorionic gonadotropin secreted by trophoblast cells has the effect of inhibiting gastric acid secretion, so that the amount of gastric acid secretion of pregnant women is significantly reduced, the activities of various digestive enzymes are greatly reduced, thus affecting the normal digestive function of pregnant women, vomiting and loss of appetite and other symptoms.

At this time as long as eat some sour food, will ease these symptoms. This is because acid can stimulate the secreting glands of the stomach and increase the secretion of gastric juice. It can improve the activity of digestive enzymes, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase appetite, and is conducive to digestion and absorption of food. Therefore, mothers to be eat some citrus, Bayberry and other acidic fruits during pregnancy, which is good for the health.

In fact, during pregnancy, you can eat whatever you want. You don’t need to eat more or less of certain food deliberately. Because many expectant mothers have a significantly reduced appetite for any food after pregnancy vomiting, which will directly affect the intake of nutrition. In order to prevent the health of pregnant women and fetuses from being affected by the low intake of nutrients, pregnant mothers can reasonably choose to comply with their own taste changes.

But I still want to remind, in pregnancy, there are some dietary taboos, pregnant mothers how much like not to touch Oh!

1. Do not touch alcohol or tobacco

Many pregnant mothers have the habit of smoking and drinking before pregnancy because of the high pressure of life. Pregnancy will change the hormones in the body. Pregnant mothers may not be able to fully adapt to the early pregnancy. Do they want to drink a little wine occasionally? Stop it. As we all know, alcohol is harmful to the body or the fetus. I don’t want to emphasize it, so alcohol and tobacco can’t be stained with it When feeling bored, you can communicate with your family more to ease your mood. At the beginning of pregnancy, you can also read some pregnancy related books to understand the anxiety and anxiety during pregnancy, pacify their emotions, adjust the state of pregnancy, and make psychological preparation for being a mother.

2. Do not eat pickled food

Some pregnant mothers always have strong taste, eat too salty or like to eat some pickled food. In fact, the sodium content of salt and pickled food is relatively high, and if excessive sodium is consumed during pregnancy, it is easy to lead to hypertension. Therefore, it is better to have a light taste during pregnancy. If the pregnant mother has no appetite, considering the nutritional needs of the fetus and herself, it can be appropriate to drink pregnant milk powder to help balance nutrition and supplement nutrition.

3. Don’t eat unclean food

Food is not clean, easy to wrap with a variety of bacteria, eating on the pregnant mother and fetus are 100 harm and no benefit. What I want to say here is naturally not at home. It’s always more reassuring to make your own food materials. However, when eating out, try to choose clean and hygienic dining places, roadside stalls, and exercise proper restraint in love. Of course, pregnancy is also easy to feel hungry, in fact, you might as well carry clean and healthy snacks, which can alleviate hunger and increase nutrition.


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