Some women become lazy after pregnancy, even “face” problems are ignored, after a variety of skin problems, only to know regret. Pregnant women, hormones in the body will change, at this time more need to do a good job of skin care, or prone to dry skin, face pigment precipitation and other phenomena. If you do not pay attention to skin care during pregnancy, postpartum skin condition will be even worse. How does pregnant Mommy protect skin? Follow me, and do these six steps every day!

Pregnant Mommy skin care first step: wash your face

Pregnant Mommy skin care, clean from the beginning. You know, dirty skin every day, even if you try hard at the later stage, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Use gentle facial cleanser to wash your face in the morning and evening. Pay special attention to the T-shaped area where oil is easy to come out. Apply skin care products evenly after washing. In addition, it is easy to sweat during hot weather in summer, and the frequency of washing is also increased.

Pregnant Mommy skin care second steps: Massage

Pregnant moms massage their faces every day, which is also an effective way to maintain skin. After completing the first step of washing the face, evenly apply the massage cream on the face, with the middle finger and ring finger of both hands from the middle of the face to the outside spiral massage about 50 times; after the massage, wash off the remaining Massage Ointment on the face, and then wipe the face with a clean towel.

During pregnancy, if you insist on a daily massage to the face, it will be very beneficial to the skin. After successfully giving birth to your baby, you can quickly restore the luster and elasticity of the face and make a beautiful hot mom.

Pregnant Mommy skin care third step: replenishment

Pregnant Mommy skin care, replenishment is the key. In hot weather and sweating season, we’d better use skin care products suitable for pregnant mothers to replenish the water. After each face is washed, take several layers of natural toner, so that the skin is completely absorbed, so repeat several times. After the skin is saturated with water, apply a layer of moisturizing lotion and firmly lock the moisture in the skin.

Pregnant Mommy skin care fourth step: sunscreen

As the weather gets hotter and the sun gets hotter, mothers are more likely to have freckles on their skin, and sunscreen is more necessary. When going out, sunshade umbrella, sunshade cap had better be equipped, but also prepare some suitable for pregnant women to use sunscreen, use safety can be reassuring, and sunscreen effect will be better.

Pregnant Mommy skin care fifth steps: rub face and hands.

This is also a very effective and convenient skin care method. This method can promote blood circulation in both hands and face, enhance skin resistance, and reduce skin sensitivity.

When you are free, rub the palms of your hands 20 to 30 times against each other, with the palms of your hands as the standard, and then put them on both sides of your cheeks, rubbing up and down, not too strong, otherwise easy to bruise the face skin, cheeks will not feel pain, rubbing up and down about 50 times. When rubbing, the finger should be fully mobilized, hand rubbing cheeks at the same time, the finger through the eye socket, nose, ear root, etc., so that the entire face has been wiped.

Pregnant Mommy skin care sixth step: improve sleep quality

Night is the body’s skin cell repair, metabolism is the fastest period, pregnant women want to look more dynamic skin, sleep quality must be guaranteed. First of all, make sure you get no less than eight hours of sleep a day, and make sure you have an hour or so of lunch break every noon. Secondly, bad habits that affect sleeping at night must be changed, such as lying in bed and playing with mobile phones before going to bed.

Skin care needs perseverance, but also needs to start from the details, every day to do the above six steps, your skin will give you better feedback, all kinds of “face” problems will be away from you. Get rid of lazy, healthy skin care during pregnancy, post natal upgrade to be beautiful and spicy.


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