Yingying pregnant before only more than 80 catties, has been wearing a cup of underwear, after pregnancy cup from A to B, or a little surprise, and several months after childbirth has also maintained such a state. Originally thought that this unexpected joy will continue, did not expect to give up milk, did not deliberately lose weight but thin, the chest was mercilessly beaten back to its original shape, light sadness drifted ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

During pregnancy, as hormones change in the body, the breasts of pregnant women also change, such as increased breast tissue, fat storage, etc. After the production, the hormone level in the body will gradually return to its original state. However, breast regression time varies from person to person, if mothers can grasp the opportunity to take good care of breasts, you can harvest more sexy breasts. So how do pregnant moms care for their breasts?

How to care for breasts in early pregnancy?

From 6 to 7 weeks of gestation, the breasts of pregnant mothers gradually become plump, the blood vessels in the skin of the breasts become more apparent, the nipples become larger, the areola darkens, and may feel painful, because of the effects of estrogen and progesterone in the receptors. Nursing the breasts in the early stage of pregnancy can take the following two measures.

1. Buy adjustable bra.

During pregnancy, it is common for a bra to have one or two cups enlarged. Pregnant mothers can buy adjustable bras. The bra is adjusted with the breast enlargement during pregnancy, so that the breast will not be compressed, and the waste can also be avoided. In addition, when pregnant mothers sleep, try not to wear bras, less restraint, more conducive to breast blood circulation.

2. Chest massage in early pregnancy

Place your hands above and below your breasts, five fingers together, push forward in small circles, massage from the nipple root to areola and nipple. Move your hands clockwise and massage until the entire breast is massaged. In addition, hot compress can relieve symptoms of breast discomfort during pregnancy.

How to care for breasts in the second trimester?

From about 5 months of pregnancy, breast discomfort will disappear, but the breast will continue to increase. In order to prevent breast-feeding nipples due to delicate, sensitive and can not withstand the baby’s sucking, pregnant mothers to do a good job of breast care, so that postpartum breast-feeding more smoothly, the following two methods can be tried.

1. Rinse the nipple with warm water.

Starting from 5 to 6 months of pregnancy, wash the nipples with warm water towel once a day, and clean the secretions on the nipples. You can also put some baby oil on your nipple to enhance its ability to withstand stimulation. If the nipple is inverted, gently pull the inverted nipple outward with your finger every morning and evening, and gently massage the nipple with your thumb or forefinger at the same time, each time for 5-10 minutes.

2. Midtrimester chest massage.

Hands open, five fingers placed on both sides of the breast, pressed downward. You can do hot compress and massage on one side of the breast, and then do the other side after the completion, because the massage to play a role, need to maintain a certain temperature. Massage should be gentle and always massage according to the growth direction of the breast.

How to care for breasts in the third trimester?

Chest enlargement has slowed since 8 months of pregnancy, but the production and delivery system of breast milk is continually improving. At this time of care, in addition to normal cleaning, mothers are advised to wear a broad shoulder strap bra and appropriate breast massage.

1. Bra with wide shoulder straps.

The bra with wide shoulders can better lift the weight of the breasts and relieve the pressure on the shoulders. It is recommended that pregnant mothers choose full cup bra in the third trimester of pregnancy, supporting good bra, which can prevent chest sagging, and can shape a more perfect chest. Near delivery, there may be breast milk spills, pregnant mothers can use pads if necessary.

2. Late pregnancy, chest massage.

Hold the breast in one hand, and place the index and middle fingers of the other hand above the breast. Massage the breast from the base of the breast to the nipple in a small circle, then massage the side and the bottom of the breast in the same way.

Pregnant breast care, not only for women’s love of beauty, but also for postpartum breast-feeding preparation. Pregnancy according to a certain way to breast care, the effect will be better!


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