Ten months pregnant, expectant mothers have to experience pregnancy vomiting, loss of appetite, physical fatigue, insomnia, edema, walking inconvenience and so on, but also fear labor pains During the long pregnancy period, the expectant mother can make a long list of things to bear, and the physical and psychological pressure is very great.

Therefore, there is a saying: whether a man loves you or not depends on his performance during pregnancy. The father to be should not be idle. Although he can’t share the pain of the mother to be, he can help the mother to be relieve her stress by doing one more thing and asking her about her body.

▎ early pregnancy

At this time, there will be many changes in the body of expectant mothers, such as morning sickness, fatigue, sleepiness and so on. But because of early pregnancy, expectant parents may not pay much attention to these small changes. Therefore, the father to be should pay more attention to his wife’s physical condition and go to the hospital with his wife to confirm whether he is pregnant.

After confirming that his wife is pregnant, the father to be urges his mother to insist on folic acid supplementation. For the first antenatal examination in three months of pregnancy, the father to be was the last to accompany him. After all, the expectant mother’s first prenatal examination, with the expectant father’s company will be a lot of peace of mind.

A qualified father to be, in addition to more housework, let mother to be more rest, but also should learn nutrition knowledge and parenting knowledge during pregnancy, reserve enough knowledge, in order to help mother to answer questions at any time, give understanding and comfort, calm mood.

▎ second trimester

In the second trimester, the appetite of expectant mothers gets better, which is also the stage of rapid fetal development. In addition, expectant mothers in the workplace may also face greater work pressure. Expectant fathers must help expectant mothers to ease their emotions and pressure in time. For example, watching TV with expectant mothers, arousing expectant mothers’ interest in life, giving expectant mothers a small gift, and taking a walk with expectant mothers when they have time.

At this stage, the fetus develops well and begins to be naughty. The father to be participates in fetal education and talks more with the fetus, which is very good for the development of the fetus. In addition, if parents to be have time, they can plan to take a pregnancy photo to leave a good memory.

▎ late pregnancy

In late pregnancy, the action of expectant mothers becomes more and more inconvenient. Maybe all kinds of “pain” (lumbago, pubic pain, etc.) also come to the door. At this time, the father to be can help the mother to be massage her legs, shoulders and back, which can relieve her discomfort. At this stage, the sleep of expectant mothers will get worse, so they can prepare a pillow for pregnant women to help their wives improve their sleep quality; in winter, when the weather is dry, they can even prepare a household humidifier. Apart from walking with his wife and having an antenatal examination, the father to be should also learn some methods of counting fetal movements and supervise and assist his wife in counting fetal movements.

On weekends, you can accompany your wife to buy baby products and decorate the room. When you are free, you can think about the baby’s name with your wife, which can make your wife’s mood better. Help your wife to prepare for labor bags, check whether there are any missing things; check whether the basic documents are complete, understand the environment of the delivery room and the doctor, what things you need to carry, make transportation arrangements in advance, and prepare for your wife’s delivery.

My father to be said that he can’t do many meticulous things. In fact, expectant mothers don’t ask expectant fathers to take care of everything, or even ask expectant fathers to accompany them every time. As long as the father to be can really give more care, the mother to be will be satisfied.


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