The fetus is growing up during pregnancy, and the pregnant mother needs more calories. Even though it’s not easy to feel hungry before pregnancy, pregnant mothers always feel hungry during pregnancy. In addition to because the pregnant mother in order to control weight, still just intake pre pregnancy heat, heat supply is insufficient. Besides, is there any other reason why pregnant mothers always feel hungry? Do you eat when you are hungry?

Why is pregnant mother always hungry

1. Hormones are at work

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will increase progesterone, affect leptin and ghrelin. Leptin and ghrelin play an important role in human hunger. Leptin is composed of fat cells, which can inhibit hunger; ghrelin is produced through the stomach, which makes people feel hungry.

If we feel full, ghrelin signals that we are full. However, ghrelin does not play a role in informing satiety during pregnancy. So pregnant women always feel hungry.

2. It’s easier to be hungry if you eat too much

Pregnant mothers are always worried that the fetus is not nutritious enough to eat a lot of calories. Although at this time is to meet the pregnant mother’s own and fetal own heat demand, but the long pregnancy, if the pregnant mother always eat a lot, unconsciously support appetite, eat more, also more likely to be hungry.

3. Excessive wrong diet

Before pregnancy, in order to keep fit, pregnant mother is very abstemious in diet, but after pregnancy, it is easy to take pregnancy as an excuse and have no abstinence in favorite food, which will lead to indigestion and postpartum obesity.

Second, pregnancy easy to feel hungry how to do

1. Eat slowly

Three meals a day, should chew slowly. It not only makes food easier to digest, but also makes it easier to feel full, thus reducing hunger.

The choice of food is the key, pregnant mother should eat cooked food, such as konjac, fungi, noodles and other food with high dietary fiber and easy to digest.

2. Take snacks with you

Pregnant mothers in the workplace are easy to miss meals due to work, unable to eat in time. So might as well take some snacks, such as independent small package of dried fruit, nuts, soft candy, etc., can also alleviate and prevent the symptoms of hypoglycemia during pregnancy.

3. Choose milk or whole wheat bread for supper

Pregnant mothers may wake up from hunger if they have dinner early, so they can drink a glass of milk and a piece of whole wheat bread an hour before going to bed. Whole wheat bread is rich in dietary fiber, full and easy to digest, which is good for health. After all, it’s supper. Don’t eat too much.  

Pregnant women are easy to be hungry. In order to relieve the hunger and satisfy the nutrition and heat of pregnant women and fetus, pregnant women should know how to choose nutritious and full food!


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