In the long pregnancy, pregnant mothers will inevitably cough and cold, pregnant women can not take medicine how to do it? When pregnant mothers cough, it does not mean that they will not affect the fetus without taking medicine. Generally speaking, in the first three months of pregnancy, when the embryo is unstable, cough is too serious to stimulate the uterus, which can cause threatened abortion and other risks; after three months of pregnancy, although cough has less impact on the fetus, frequent cough will increase abdominal pressure, and pregnant mothers will also face the risk of premature delivery. In view of this, pregnant cough can not be ignored, then, how to do cough during pregnancy? Pregnant cough does not take medicine, I also have magic weapons to help you oh, let’s see what is a magic weapon for cough!

Wen Kaishui

Wen Wen: Damn the weather. It’s cold and hot. I forgot to bring a thin coat when I went out in the morning. It suddenly turned cold in the afternoon. I caught a cold and coughed a little. Alas, pregnant can not take medicine, can only drink more warm boiled water.

[Efficacy] Warm boiled water is not very noticeable in our daily life, but some countries call it “resurrection water”. Drinking warm boiled water has a relieving effect on cough, which is suitable for hot cough, cold cough and phlegm dampness cough. Add a little salt in warm boiled water, which has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, but not much.

When Mommy found that she had mild cough, drinking warm water can relieve cough. Generally speaking, drinking more warm boiled water can not only make the expectant mother sweat slightly, but also supplement the moisture of her throat, thus reducing the symptoms of cough. Under normal circumstances, doctors do not advocate the use of drugs to treat mild colds and coughs. If symptoms are serious and accompanied by headache, sore throat, asthma and other phenomena, it is recommended to distinguish wind-cold cold or wind-heat cold as soon as possible, and use symptomatic drugs under the guidance of doctors. Common drugs for treating cold and cough include Kugan granules for wind-heat cold, cold-clearing granules for Wind-cold and cold, etc., which are all Chinese patent medicines. Relatively speaking, the side effects are small.

Two. Sydney

Lili: I cough, but I dare not take medicine when I am pregnant. The more I cough, the more severe I hear that Sydney stewed with ice sugar can cure cough. I can only try it. I hope it works.

[effect]: Sydney has the effect of reducing fire and stopping cough, and it is generally used to treat heat cough, which is suitable for both young and old. Some people say that Sydney is too cold for pregnant women to eat, but in fact, the steamed Sydney is not so cold, you can eat at ease. Coughing Sydney generally has ice sugar Sydney, tremella Sydney soup and so on.

Stewed pear with ice sugar: Peel and nucleate fresh pear, then add appropriate amount of ice sugar, steamed in a pot and steamed soft, then eat pear soup.

Tremella Sydney Soup: Prepare 50g tremella, 1 sydney, 4G ice sugar. First, put the soaked Tremella into the pot and boil it over high heat, then boil it over low heat for 20 minutes. After boiling, add ice sugar and sydney, and boil it for 20 minutes. After turning off the fire, simmer it for 10 minutes, then eat it warm.

Three, citrus fruits

Pinger: After eating oranges, my mother-in-law likes to put the skin away and dry it. In fact, my father-in-law likes to drink soup with orange peel. When I was 3 months pregnant, I coughed, and my mother-in-law took some orange peel to give me water to drink. It felt quite effective.

[effect] many people choose vitamin C tablets when they have a cold to improve their immunity. Citrus fruits, such as oranges, oranges and lemons, are rich in pure natural vitamin C, which is also useful in treating colds and coughs and is harmless to the body. In particular, oranges and lemons play a role in hot cough and phlegm dampness cough.

Steamed orange: cut the top of the orange to make an orange cup; sprinkle a little salt on the orange meat and poke it with chopsticks for a few times to facilitate salt penetration; put it in a bowl, steamed in a pot, and steamed for about 10 minutes after boiling water; peel the orange and eat the pulp with steamed water.

Sugar boiled kumquat: wash the kumquat, poke two or three holes with toothpicks, submerge it with water, boil it, add ice sugar, boil it in a small fire, and eat it while it is hot. Do not finish the cooling, store in the fridge, and warm up the food every time.

Roast oranges: Make a hole in the center of the bottom of the orange with chopsticks, stuff some salt, wrap it in aluminium platinum paper and bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Peel the orange peel off and eat hot.

In addition, you can also try drying orange peel for drinking water or lemon slices to drink water.

Four. White radish.

@ English sister: I didn’t know how to cough for two days. My husband made me white radish soup, put a little salt, add a few drops of oil, nothing else, but also very useful. I had eaten with radish and soup, and I had eaten for a few days.

[Efficacy]: White radish is sweet and cool, has the therapeutic effect of “removing disease and moistening lung”, and has the effect of hot cough and phlegm-dampness cough. Can be used to directly boil soup, eat soup to eat radish, cough effect.

White radish honey drink: white radish washed, cut into 1 cm or so small pieces, put in a dry sterilized clean container, filled with honey, sealed well. After soaking for 3 days, it will be found that the white radish will exudate water, mix with honey, and store in the refrigerator. Every time you can bake a little warm boiled water, the cough effect is very good. If you want to drink temporarily, no time to soak, you can grind white radish, add 1/3 of the amount of honey mix, and then warm water to drink.

Five. Jiang Cong

Jane: When I was just pregnant, I coughed and boiled ginger soup at night. The older the ginger, the better. I drank it while it was hot and hot. It was very comfortable.

[efficacy]: ginger can dispel wind and disperse cold, and it can treat cold cough. Scallion has the function of relieving heat and eliminating phlegm.

Red sugar, ginger and jujube soup: a little brown sugar, about 15 grams of fresh ginger, about 30 grams of jujube, put three bowls of water to fry until one and a half bowls of water remain, drink while hot.

Ginger Egg Soup: Hot in an iron pan, fry the eggs until golden yellow with a little cooking oil, add ginger shreds, add appropriate amount of boiling water, boil for 5-6 minutes, about half a bowl, season with salt.

Shallot and Ginger Soup: Wash shallot and ginger in a small pot, add a bowl of water, boil until half a bowl, remove dregs and leave soup, add brown sugar.

Radish onion soup: First cook radish with three bowls of water, then put onion white, boil a bowl of soup, soup and radish onion white eat together.

Warm boiled water, Sydney, citrus fruits, white radish, ginger onion, safe and effective cough magic weapon, with them, pregnant mother cough no longer need to worry about. However, pregnant mothers should pay attention to cough, wind-heat cough and wind-cold cough, to symptomatic use of these magic weapons yo! Otherwise, it will not only be ineffective, but it may also cough more.


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