With the improvement of living conditions, more and more pregnant mothers pay attention to the nutritional intake during pregnancy. It has become a fashion for pregnant mothers to prepare nuts and snacks every day. Nuts not only taste good, but also contain a variety of vitamins, which are also good for babies, so this has become the reason for choosing nuts as snacks during pregnancy.

However, does this mean that nuts can be eaten unscrupulously during pregnancy? Of course not! We must pay attention to the following situations!

▍ what are the benefits of eating nuts during pregnancy?

1. It can reduce the baby’s sensitization

Studies have shown that early exposure to allergens can enhance the baby’s tolerance to allergens and reduce the probability of children’s food allergy. Pregnant mothers have no history of nut allergy and can often eat nuts during pregnancy, which can not only supplement various nutrients required by the body, but also reduce the risk of allergy related diseases in the future.

2. Improve blood glucose

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fat and other nutrients, which help to improve the balance of blood glucose and insulin; Eating more nuts can reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death and death from coronary heart disease.

3. Enlighten and brighten the eyes

Eating more nuts can not only improve vision, but also improve brain nutrition. It is especially suitable for pregnant women and children.

▍ what nuts can’t be eaten?

1. Mildew

Nuts are susceptible to infection such as Aspergillus flavus. Acute poisoning caused by aflatoxin mainly damages the liver, can induce liver cancer in animals, gastric cancer, renal cancer, rectal cancer, breast, ovary, small intestine and other cancers.

2. Fried coke

Nuts contain a lot of fat, protein and carbohydrates, and ordinary heating is not enough to destroy them. However, when nuts are charred, the temperature is above 200 ℃, and at this time, these nutrients that were originally beneficial to the body begin to be partially transformed into carcinogenic benzopyrene, heterocyclic amine, acrylamide and other substances.

3. Deterioration

As advertised by merchants, there is always a taste that you want to eat, and all nuts are flavored. If the pregnant mother takes it for a long time, it may affect her health and then affect the little guy in her stomach.

If the nut taste is heavy, it is possible to use deteriorated nuts, because the heavy taste can mask the deteriorated taste of nuts. Therefore, if pregnant mothers choose nuts, they must choose original or even non added ones, so that they can really play a role in the child’s health.

4. Bleaching

Many pregnant mothers like to pick white nuts, but the nuts themselves are not like that. Businesses beautify nuts in order to sell them better, that is, bleach to remove the spots on the original fruit body. This kind of beautification makes some chemicals remain in nuts, especially pistachios. Those chemicals have a great impact on the body, so pregnant mothers must pay attention!

▍ what should we pay attention to when eating nuts?

1) select formal channels to purchase finished nuts

National 315 has exposed that a large number of black heart manufacturers produce net red nut snacks without certificates. Remind pregnant mothers that they should focus on safety and choose formal channels to buy.

2) eat enough nuts

Although nuts are rich in nutrients, which can help pregnant mothers stabilize their nutritional system, they can’t eat recklessly. If pregnant mothers eat too much nuts, they will feel an obvious sense of satiety, which will affect the intake of dinner and then destroy the nutritional balance.

There are many benefits for pregnant mothers to eat nuts properly, especially walnuts, peanuts and cashew nuts. They can not only be eaten daily, but also be stewed. They can eat many ways and taste good. It is a great help to supplement nutrition for mothers and fetuses during pregnancy.


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